Saturday, August 29, 2015

Haul - Walmart Fall 2015 Wax

Let me tell you a little story.  Last summer I decided to just place one big order for all my fall and winter scents.  I didn't bother searching different vendors to see who had what.  I didn't feel like waiting to see what might be coming out later.  I just ordered all in one shot, and ordered early.  And then kind of regretted it when the fall scents came out at Walmart.  I already had a ton of fall and winter wax, so why would I buy more?  I wrote myself a note for summer 2015 and taped it to my calendar for the start of August.  It said something along the lines of 'Only by Walmart fall wax.'

Someday I'll learn to listen to myself.

I'm sure you remember my excitement about Dessa's Homespun Scents and how I once again ordered all my fall and winter scents early, and from one place.  I was fine with it at the time.  I knew that little note to myself was coming for my on my calendar.  But I was fine with ordering from Dessa's because it was like the rules had changed.  I hadn't known about this vendor when I wrote that note to myself.  

Well, heh, yeah.  The fall scents are out now at Walmart.  I saw them and was giddy but kinda kept it in check because I knew I already had my fall stash.  But the Walmart wax was calling to me.  And then I watched a video from some waxy guy I'd never watched before, about the 2015 fall scents, and I just couldn't help it.  I went and bought a crap ton of Walmart fall scents.

You know I love The Walmart Wax.  To those who continue to frown upon it, and don't consider me a 'real' wax fan . . . whatevs.  There is just something exciting about seeing the new stuff come out, whether it's fall or winter or even the spring and summer stuff.  Maybe it's the convenience of actually being able to see and smell it and buy it right then and have it.  So yeah, seeing this new stuff come out, and seeing that video with the guy also so into it, I just couldn't help myself.

Some of these are not actually fall release scents, but general catalog scents that fit into the fall category for me.  And there are some of the fall release scents that I didn't get because either I just didn't care for them or they didn't seem fall-like.  A couple of these I'd bought a week or so ago, and a couple I just bought today, but the bulk of this was bought in one shopping trip a few days ago.  LOL

So let's take a look!
(These are my cold sniff thoughts.)

Pumpkin Spice (Mainstays)
Spice heavy, nice pumpkin, not much bakery.

Apple Pumpkin (Mainstays)
I'm digging apple-pumpkin this year but there's not much pumpkin in here.  Even so, it's a nice spiced apple scent.

Mulled Cider (Mainstays)
I never used to be much of a cider fan.  I'm really liking them this year, for whatever reason.  This is just a typical warm, spiced apple cider scent.

Warm Apple Pie (Mainstays)
Not really what I think of for an apple pie scent.  It's almost more berry-like than apples.  I don't get the spice or bakery notes, at least not on cold sniff.

Cranberry Mandarin (Mainstays)
Not sure why this is an everyday scent.  It should be a fall or winter release because it screams holidays to me.  The mandarin is strong but the tart cranberry is there right along with it.  Not sure if there is a touch of spice too...?

Warm Spice (Scentsationals)
The picture shows clove, nutmeg (?), cinnamon, and a cup of cider.  It's not a sharply spicy scent though.  It almost seems like there is a bakery note in there, like a sugar cookie or something.  Maybe that's just the nutmeg?  I don't really get a cider note, or any kind of apple.  It's more of a dry, warm scent.

Pumpkin Spice (Scentsationals)
They had this in last year's packaging as well as this new packaging.  I decided to get the new for the sake up this post.  I'm pretty sure the scents are the same.  This is not spice-heavy, which is somewhat surprising.  There is a strong, creamy pumpkin note.  I've heard it described as buttery.

Blackberry Cider (Scentsationals)
I think this is meant to be a Christmas release scent because it shows pine and Christmas ornaments in the picture.  It seems like there is a musk note in here, maybe even a slight hint of that pine.  The guy in the video was saying it was like a blackberry merlot, or some sort of fruity boozy drink.  I'm not getting much for fruit or cider or anything like that on cold sniff.

Warm Apple Pie (Scentsationals)
This one is much more like warm apple pie than the Mainstays version.  The apple note is there, along with the warm, spiced syrupy note, and a hint of bakery.  So warm and cozy and yummy.

Apple Berry Crumble (Scentsationals)
This one is yummy too, but much brighter.  This doesn't have the warmth of the spice.  The apple note is stronger and there is a bit of tartness from the cranberry.  There is just a wee hint of bakery.

Sugared Pecan Pumpkin (Scentsationals)
This is quite spicy, and almost more nutty than pumpkin-y.

Harvest Berry Pumpkin (BH&G)
Oddly enough, this smells like a toned down version of Fruit Loops.  Weird, but true!

Fresh Orchard Apples (BH&G)
Straight up apples.  Perhaps the tiniest hint of greenery.

Crisp Fall Leaves (BH&G)
An outdoorsy, piney, moist type scent.  This type isn't my fave for fall but I do appreciate how it fits into the fall category, and it's been around for years, so I always seem to get it.

Whipped Pumpkin Cream (BH&G)
This is yummy BUT it's nowhere near as pumpkin-y as you might expect.  It's much more of a thick cream type scent, heavy on vanilla and maybe something like butter.

Cranberry Mandarin Splash (BH&G)
This one is not quite as bright and holiday-like as the Mainstays version.  This one is heavier on the mandarin and seems darker somehow, and juicier.

Baked Apple Strudel (BH&G)
I like the Scentsationals Warm Apple Pie better than this one.  This is really nice, but has more of a sweet candy-like cinnamon note right off the bat, and the somewhat tart apple note with a hint of bakery coming in behind it.  This is not nearly as warm and cozy as Warm Apple Pie.

Simmering Apple Cider (BH&G)
Another nice cider scent, but not as warm as the Mainstays version.  This one seems a bit more full bodied though.

Spiced Apple Pie combo pack (BH&G)
This pack contains Apple Pie, and Clove.  The apple pie side is heavy on the bakery note.  The clove side is just spicy, as you'd expect.  I will definitely combine these when I melt them.

At The Fair combo pack (BH&G)
This pack contains Spiced Caramel Corn, and Cider Apple Fritters.  I'm not a huge fan of popcorn scents in home fragrance.  This one is cozy though, with a delicate sweetness.  The Cider Apple Fritters are darn yummy though!  I don't get much apple but there is a strong, warm doughy note and maybe a smidge of spice.

Autumn Afternoon Stroll combo pack (BH&G)
This one contains Golden Oak Leaves, and Apples & Acorns.  Someone said Golden Oak Leaves is the same as Crisp Fall Leaves, and since I have both here to compare I would say yes, they are the same.  If they're not THE same, they are incredibly close.  Apples & Acorns is almost like warm cider to me.  Are those cranberries in the picture?

And that is my fall scent haul.  I do have others, backups that I bought at the end of the season last year, like A Thankful Harvest, and Candied Caramel Apple, and I don't recall what else offhand.  There a few that I saw in the video that I did not see at my store.  There are also some that aren't out yet, according to the guy in the video, who said he'd talked to a store manager.  Two that I'm really interested in finding are combo packs.  One contains Spiced Sugar Cookies, and some coffee scent.  The other contains Pumpkin Sugar Cookies, and Cinnamon Pumpkin.  I'm willing to pay for them, or trade, if anyone find them in their store.  Just let me know!

Did any of these catch your eye?
What particular scent are really liking this fall?


  1. Wow!!! So many caught my eye!!! The creamy pumpkin, the ciders, the blackberry cider too, spiced pumpkins, apples and acorns.... I want them all! I was planning in going to walmart this weekend... As you know. But not sure if that will happen. Maybe next week. Great haul! And no more sticky notes... Lol!

    1. I think I'm going to buy a couple extras of A Thankful Harvest and Candied Caramel Apple. Neither are in this haul because I already had some, but they are some of my absolute favorites so I think I need to grab more so I know I have spares.

      I'm starting with the apple scents, of course. I have the Mainstays apple pie one going right now. Wish it was more spiced apple though, instead of the berry-ish note.


  2. As always, thank you so much for braving Walmart for their incredible wax selection. I'm in the dubious position of living in Bakersfield CA where there are a whopping FIVE Walmarts, all of which are fairly close by (5-25 minute commute). The amazing thing is, each Walmart offers a different variety of goods! The one near me is a reliable stand-by for a good cross section of Mainstays/Scentsationals/BH&G. The one I visited today has four aisles of candles/wax and I happened upon some great buys. I LOVE the new Burt's Bees candles, particularly the Eucalyptus Mint, so I grabbed three large candles. This is also the only Walmart I've found that stocks Royale Classics candles/melts which are inexpensive BBW knock-offs. The 11.5 oz. 3 wick candles were on clearance for $5 each so I bought several Sandalwood Vanillas. They're nice and offer a medium throw for those who like but don't love sandalwood. Anyway, I was bowled over by the combined selection of BH&G/Sentsational wax melts!! I'm pretty sure they had virtually every fragrance or very close to it. Long story short, if you still want those Scentsationals Coffee Cafe(spiced sugar cookie and coffee) and Baked With Love (Pumpkin Sugar Cookies/Cinnamon Pumpkin) wax melts, I have them. I bought three of each, so let me know if you're interested I will gladly mail them off with any other special requests you might have!

    1. Definitely interested! Email me.... and we can work something out.

      I only have one Walmart that I go to. Once in a great while I get a chance to visit one slightly farther away. I've noticed differences in what they carry. I can't imagine having five to go to, and to have four aisles of wax?! Heaven!

      My Walmart offered a small selection of the Burt's Bees candles but they must not have sold very well because they're clearance priced now. They never did get the wax melts, only about five of a vanilla scent that also didn't seem to sell.

      I've not heard of the Royale Classics. My store does not carry those either.