Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Cranberry Orange Blend

Cranberrry Orange / Cranberry Marmalade - [no scent description]

Another that I'd been trying to save for closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, and another of the older random tarts that I've decided to get out of the way.  This is a very nice softly spiced cranberry type of scent.  The cranberry notes are sweet and tart.  There is a bit of juicy perkiness from the orange, just a touch of spice to warm it up a bit, and then that slight hint of creaminess that seems to be unique to Rosegirls.  This would be verrrrry nice for either Thanksgiving OR Christmas.

I melted 1 oz. of this chunk in my Glade hot plate warmer and had a healthy medium strong scent that traveled slightly into an adjacent room.

[This tart was a gift from a waxy bloggy friend.]

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Melted - Ten Digit Creations / Cranberry Cinnamon Cider

Cranberry Cinnamon Cider - 'Tart cranberry and spicy cinnamon cider with notes of bergamot and lemon.'

I really should have saved this one for closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I'd been trying to do that but decided to start dipping into the older, more random things in my wax stash and this was one of them.  I really enjoyed this one.  It's just like you'd think, a warm, spiced drink.  The spiced cranberry notes are just the type I prefer, and then there is a little added bright sweetness that, at the time, I thought was orange.  I see now that it's probably from the lemon.  This is just such a nice, cozy holiday type scent.
I melted this whole tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent throughout the downstairs of my house.

[This tart was a gift from a waxy bloggy friend.]

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rant - Snapfish FAIL

I've been a Snapfish customer for years.  Now that my kids are grown and graduations are over and nothing amazing is going on in my life, my picture taking has slowed down.  Most of the pics I take now are for the blog, and those don't need to be printed.  So my use of Snapfish has slowed way down too.  The past two or three years, I place one order of highlight pics from the previous year.  I got a 'buy something or we're dumping your account' type reminder email not long ago so I knew it was time to get my pics printed.  I waited for a sale and placed my order.  Didn't think anything of it because I've never had problems before.

When I received my order, I was happily going through the prints and started noticing that some looked off-center.  Did I take crappy pics?  I didn't think so.  But as I started finding more and more, I got pissed.  Out of 130 ordered, 31 were cropped poorly.

If you're familiar with Snapfish, you know that during the checkout process you get an option of regular 4x6 size prints, where some cropping might need to be done because digital pictures generally aren't a 4x6 size.  To avoid any cropping, they offer a TrueDigital size option, or something like that.  It's a 4x5.3 inch print that requires no cropping.  I *always* choose that option.  I went back over my order to see if I'd maybe goofed and not selected that.  Nope.  Everything looked correct.

Don't ever try to find a simple email addy on the Snapfish site.  I ran around in circles and jumped through hoops trying to find one.  I kept getting sent back to different spots that wanted me to try any number of ways to take care of my problem without actually contacting anyone.  Finally I ended up in 'live chat' just out of frustration and growing rage.  The first person I chatted with was helpful enough, in his or her choppy English, until I had to go through my prints and see exactly how many were flawed.  In the time it took to do that, the helpful chat person ended the chat.

Thanks, guys.

So I hopped back into chat and got another support person with even choppier English, who made me go through everything I'd just explained to the first person.  Luckily I now knew how many pics were flawed and was able to provide that number.  He/she then put me on virtual hold while he/she went to 'check something on my end.'

I didn't even get Muzak.

I was told to reorder those flawed pics at no charge.  Thank you.  Have a nice day.  Disconnected.

So I reordered, and I made DANG SURE that everything was looking perfect and that I'd chosen that TrueDigital option.  I was not charged anything.  *phew*

I received my reprinted pics today and, um, guys . . . 

Do you see my mom's head in these pics?  Oh wait, yes, I see a smidge more of her nose in the reprint.

Do you see my husband in these fishing pictures?  Why yes, that IS part of his arm way over there on the right!

 Do you see the scrawny Christmas tree I snuck into Ty's place to put up last Christmas?  Barely, because Snapfish wants you to see his TV instead.

That's just a sample.  All 31 flawed prints are identically flawed in this reprinted batch!

The only thing I can think of is that *maybe* because these pics were taken on my phone something doesn't work out.  I don't know why that would be.  They show up fine in the preview pics.  I don't remember seeing anything about phone pics being different.  I just don't get it.  But I'm pretty sure I'm done with Snapfish.  Since I don't order prints very often anymore, I'll just start doing them myself at Walmart or Walgreens or something.

Epic fail, Snapfish.  Epic fail.

Melted - Beezy Tarts / Caramel Apple Butter

Caramel Apple Butter - 'Cooked Macintosh apples, steamed milk, cane sugar, vanilla bean, fresh grated nutmeg and creamy caramel.'

I was surprised to find that I did not like this one.  It must have been the 'butter' part, but I didn't even let it get fully melted before I had to shut it off.  Cold sniffed seemed okay, although I was leery of the strong nutty note.  As it was warming though, it seemed the sweet and juicy notes of the caramel apple were smothered out by the warm and cloying notes of the milk and nuts and a sort of saltiness.

I had this whole tart going in my Glade hot plate warmer but stopped it when it was only about 3.4 melted.  The scent was strong, but I just did not like it.

[This tart was a gift from a gift from a waxy bloggy friend.]

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Haul - Target & Walmart / Halloween

I had to kill some time this morning while my car was getting new tires so of course I ended up buying a few more unneeded fall and Halloween goodies.

This little plastic pumpkin is so cute in it's smallness.  It's about three or four inches tall, was only $0.97, and will probably be the little pencil cup on the kitchen counter for the month of October.

I like to check the cheapie movies when Halloween comes around because I can always find something to add to our horror collection.  Today I got the original Amityville Horror.  I'd gotten It the other day but I think I forgot to include it in the haul post.  These were $5.00 each.  I can't wait to watch these classics sometime next month!

These are little foam stickers.  I'd passed on these the other day because I didn't know what I'd ever do with them.  I've been doing pretty good in my journal though, and having fun adding stickers and washi tape, so I figured I could have some fun adding these too.  There are purple and green spiders, orange and black bats, orange pumpkins, and black cat faces.  A pack of 50 is $0.97 at Walmart.

Over at Target, I decided to skip the two other felt garlands that I'd wanted.  I also decided to skip the wooden 'Spooky' word decoration because it was much more plain than I'd remembered.  I did grab this pack of felt stickers though.  There are bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and skulls in here, 10 pieces for $1.00.  I'll probably use some of these in my journal too.

I grabbed this pack of glittery stickers, again for my journal, but I'll probably save it for next year since we're so close to October and Halloween stickers now.  Maybe I'll still use some of these this year if hubby and I go to the apple/pumpkin farm in October.  We didn't go last year.  We'll see if we make it this year or not.

One thing I like about Target is that you can find some unique candies and treats there.  When I saw this Russell Stover - Pumpkin Spice Latte chocolate bar, I grabbed it without a second though.  Right next to it was the Hammond's brand Pumpkin Spice bar, which I also grabbed without question.  They might be the grossest things ever, I don't know.  We'll find out sometime in October!  LOL

That's my little haul for this time.
Are you looking forward to Halloween?
Do you have any scary movies that you just need to watch every October?

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Bobbing For Apples

Bobbing for Apples - 'Crunchy toffee chips and apples dripping with buttery caramel.'

This is one of my fall favorites from Sweet Fixations.  I always chuckle though because it is a *caramel* apple scent, and you generally don't go bobbing for caramel apples.  This is so good!  The apple hits you first, juicy and bright, but it's so quickly followed by that sweet, creamy caramel that you could almost consider it an equal mix.  This is about the closest I've found to my beloved fall favorite, Candied Caramel Apple, from Better Homes & Gardens.

I cut this tart in half and had two tea light warmers going in adjacent rooms.  I had strong scent from both.

This is an absolute must-have for fall in my book.

Sept. 27 - Melted Posts

My Melted posts are one of the things I keep going back and forth on when it comes to this blog.  People say they love them, that they are a helpful resource.  I enjoy doing them because I'm finding a lot of people don't revisit scents once a haul post is done.  I can see how people stumble across my blog by searching vendors or scents.

But dang, they can be a monotonous pain in the butt to do after a while!
And when it comes to scents I've already reviewed, I always wonder if I should do them again just in case someone knew is browsing.

I haven't been doing them lately because I just got sick of doing them.  I also thought I'd be able to enjoy the scents in a more relaxed way if I wasn't constantly keeping mental notes of how it smelled and performed.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I'm not really noticing the scents at all now that I have no reason to pay attention?!  I mean, I'll notice them in an 'Ooh, that's nice' way in passing but in the end I couldn't tell you much about them.  

So yes, I'm going to start up the Melted posts again.
At least for a while . . .

Friday, September 25, 2015

Haul - Walmart Fall /Halloween Items

Grabbed a few more seasonal goodies while shopping this morning.  There were tons more decorations I wanted but I resisted, mainly because I can't remember just what I already have in my Halloween and Thanksgiving decoration stashes.  I can't remember if I added new things last year or not.  Oh well, let's take a quick look at what I bought today.

I've been eyeing this candle since the fall scents first came out.  I've always passed on it though, because I figured we already have enough fall candles and tarts.  I always have Febreze and Glade coupons, and today I decided to just get this and be done with it.  This is Febreze's cute little mason jar candle, 5 oz., single wick.  It is Pumpkin Bliss scent, a deep and rich, spicy pumpkin scent.  Super yummy!
($4.94, but had $1.00 coupon so it was $3.94)

Banners must be all the rage this year.  I ended up getting two more.  These are just cheap, thin cardboard on ribbon.  I'm sure they're supposed to be disposable party decorations, but if I take care of these I can probably get a few years of use out of them.  This first one is 70 inches long and says 'Spooky.'  The picture on the packaging shows the pieces much more orange than they really are.  The color in the actual photo is a little more true.

This one has bigger pennants and is aver 70 inches long.  It says 'Happy Fall' and has little pumpkins, leaves, and acorns on it.  This is an even thinner material, more like heavy paper.

I might hang one of these (or both?) from the mirror of my car for a bit of festive fun.  They're just cheap little rubbery plastic figures on cheap plastic hooks.
(2-pk of keychains cost $0.97)

This is my favorite purchase of the day.  I'd seen it the other day when I was with my mom and the store was just starting to get the Halloween decorations more fully stocked.  I'd also noticed the price and shied away because I'm so used to the cheaper things I've been buying lately.  This item stuck in my head though and when I saw it was still there this morning I had a little talk with my cheap self and got it.  This is canvas over a wood frame.  The pumpkins and the word 'Gratitude' are glittered.  I just love this!  There is no hanger on it, but one could easily be added.  I think I'm just going to prop it up though, maybe on the kitchen counter.

There were so many other cute signs and things.  There were even two other designs of the canvas thing, both Halloween designs.  I was tempted to grab more pumpkins, large and small, glittered and plain . . . but I really need to see what I already have first.  I did look all over for the Halloween washi tapes but did not see any.  That's alright, since I've decided I don't even know what to do with the ones I have.

And when I took a peek into the back 'seasonal' room, I saw the first signs that Christmas stuff was being stocked.  I bet the time I'm back there next week, that room will be in full Christmas attire.  Too soon!  Toooooooo sooooooooon!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sept. 24 - Evening Natters

Another gorgeous view that the camera doesn't do justice to.  This was the sunrise view from out kitchen window this morning.  There was just a bit of haze lower to the ground, and if you could see it better, the cornfield around us is really starting to look tan now.

I kept a little busier today, to keep my crabby thoughts at bay.  Casey and I went to Kmart today just to have a look around.  They already have a good chunk of their Christmas stuff out already!  It didn't even look like all of the Halloween stuff was out yet, but they're already finishing up the big Christmas trees display and had a couple aisles of Christmas decorations.  I love Christmas but nooooo thank you, not quite *this* early!

Casey bought a shelf unit for his room, and I found a new pair of shoes that will hopefully be okay for work.

Then we stopped at Pick n Save to pick up a few groceries.  Casey went to bed when we got home, and I just stayed busy, puttering around on little things like filling the bird feeders, doing a couple loads of laundry, sorting through some junk on my desk.  I played Skylanders for a while.  I'm really not liking this new game much.  I don't like the vehicles.  I don't like that I can't go back and repeat areas to try and get the things I missed.  For that matter, I don't like that this one doesn't even have the checklists of things to complete.  It's focused more on racing the vehicles.  Just not digging this one.

Our dvd player is acting up.  I need to buy one of those cleaning discs tomorrow and see if that helps.  I know it's not a problem with any one disc because it will not play ANY dvds lately.  We have to watch movies through the Xbox these days.

Today is my father-in-law's 78th birthday.  Hubby stopped over after work to drop off a birthday card and visit for a bit.

That's about all the excitement there was around here today.
I'm off to read now.

Super Quick Craft Project

Yesterday I was feeling all bummed out that I have tons of washi tapes and stickers, and no use for them.  I've tried card making.  I've tried planners.  I've tried journals.  None of them are for me apparently.

During football season, we go through a lot of salsa and nacho dip around here.  I've often wondered how I could reuse the jars.  Last year we painted some for Halloween and put flickering fake tea lights in them.  So as I was washing out the most recent jar, I was trying once again to figure out what I could reuse them for.  My thoughts about this collided with my thoughts of what to use the washi and stickers for, and -BAM- I whipped this up in about five seconds.

I just wrapped a fall-ish colored strip of washi tape around the jar and applied one of the super cute felt turkey stickers from Kevin over it.  I did not play around to see if placing the washi higher or lower would look better, or if adding a second strip for a wider band would look better.  What do you think?  I could also do this with the felt leaves stickers I bought.

What is this jar now for?  I still haven't a clue.  I mean, the possibilities are endless.  You could put candy in it, or use it as a pens and pencils cup, or a container for cooking utensils like wooden spoons.  You could put a tea light or votive candle (real or battery) in here for a seasonal luminary.  Perhaps some fake florals or greenery?  A million possibilities.  

They're SO easy to make, and of course now my head is exploding with all the ideas.  Problem is, what would I do with a million of these decorated jars?  And where can I find more felt stickers?  I think Target's Dollar Spot had Halloween themed ones.  I'll need to check back there again.

So what do you think?  Does it need more washi?  Do you have ideas for use?
Let me know!  Maybe I'll do a giveaway.

Missing Tart Update

Remember in my recent Sweet Fixations haul post I mentioned there was a tart missing?  I had messaged owner Tia about it and she took care of it right away, no problems, no questions asked.

Bobbing for Apples - 'Crunchy toffee chips and apples dripping with buttery caramel.'
I've had this before and it's become one of my fall must-haves.  I always have to laugh though, because you don't bob for caramel apples.  Hehe.  This is probably my second favorite caramel apple scent out there.  It's close enough to the BH&G Candied Caramel Apple (my #1 favorite) that I'll just go to this if I ever can't find the other.  The apple note is there, sweet and juicy, but the caramel is right there with it, sweet and creamy.  There is just enough warmth from the caramel to make this a cozy fall scent.
Snickerdoodle Bread - [no scent description]
Not only did Tia get the missing tart sent to me quickly, but she included a freebie.  I was so happy to find this in the little package, because she was no obligated to add extras.  I had an initial twitch of fear when I saw this was a bread scent.  You know how I am with zucchini bread scents, and you know how many vendors use zucchini bread as ALL of their 'bread' notes.  I'm pretty sure Tia has said in the past that she's not one who does that though, so I took a cautious sniff.  Wow, I wish I had a scent description for this because it's amazingly yummy.  (I don't even see this on her site.  Tester?)  There is a strong caramel or butterscotch note right off the bat.  I don't get any bread note on cold sniff, and that's quite alright.  I don't really get a spice note either, like you'd expect from Snickerdoodle.  This is delish, and I can't wait to see if it shows up on the site.

Thank you again, Tia!

I'm so glad Sweet Fixations is back in business, and I'm already looking forward to ordering Christmas/winter scents.


Sept. 24 - Natters For Yesterday

I realized right as I shut the computer down last night that I hadn't done my 'daily' post.  I also realized as I decided to sneak this one in early to count for yesterday, that I need to go take a bunch of random pics so I can restock my Obligatory Random Photo For Natters Posts collection.  I'll try to do that today.

Yesterday was a sort of crabby, bummed about everything day.  I was upset about so many little things.  Like, I have all those fun washi tapes and stickers, and have no use for them.  All of my brilliant crafty ideas fizzle out so quickly.  I need to just accept that I'm not going to be getting all crafty and stop buying the stuff.  I need to just stop looking at it too.  Not sure what I'll do with all my stuff.  Hang onto it in case the urge strikes again?  Do a big destash-giveaway?  I was also bummed about baking, which I don't do much of anyway.  I *want* to bake more, and was excited about the idea of doing cute fall and Halloween cookies and cakes.  Only to have the menfolk enlighten me that they're not into pumpkin spice, and not really into frosted cutout cookies.  Well that just sort of takes the thrill out of making anything.  And then these bummer thoughts lead into bigger, mopier, life in general things.

I did do a few fun little things in the midst of all that downer-ness though.  I finally watched the Vikings game, which was awesome.  They looked like a completely different team than the week before.  It brought a tear to my eye to hear the cheers for Adrian Peterson's return.  The crowd noise had me missing being there.  We didn't go last year and we're not going this year, but next year the new stadium is open for business and we're hoping to get back on our one game a year schedule.  I also played the new Skylanders for a while yesterday.  It came out Sunday and Casey picked it up for me since I was working that day.  They've added vehicles to this new one.  Not sure how I feel about the game yet.  Last year's release, Trap Team' is my favorite by far.  And to end the day, I finally watched the Cinderella movie.  A couple coworkers had been whining about how much it sucked but I liked it.  In my mopey mood, I pretty cried all the way through it, but I thought it was a lovely little movie.  Of course it's going to be a bit cheesy.  What did people think?  Some high drama, academy award winning thing?

My week off continues.  Not sure what I'll do today.  I'm thinking of going to town to snoop around a bit, see what I can see.  Or maybe kick back and play more Skylanders.  Not sure yet, but I'll try to remember to post again later, as the actual Thursday post.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept. 22 - Natters Instead of a Haul!

The picture does not do this scene justice at all.  Boooo!  But this was how it looked the other morning as I was leaving for work.  Those clouds just looked so amazing, like there were so low and heavy, so fluffy and 3D-like below the upper level of just smeared cloudiness.  Oh well, trust me, it was just so cool to see.  There are many days when I see the most amazing sunrise views but I can't do anything about it because I'm driving to work.  (No, I wasn't driving for this one.)

Anyway . . . 

Yes!  This is a post that's not a haul!  It's just some natters this time.  Guess what!  I managed to start keeping a daily journal!  I bought a regular notebook and thought maybe I would be more likely to use that because there was more space than in the small little journals I'd been trying to get started in.  Might seem like a stupid excuse, but it must have worked.  I've very easily written in it four night in a row now, and have used washi tapes as entry dividers, and added stickers here and there.  It's been fun BUT . . . 
I still have that feeling of 'What's the point?'  It feels lonely to be writing in a notebook, only to myself.  I can be a little more open and honest with some things that way but I really do love sharing my boring days here with other people, and getting comments and interaction.  I've also stopped writing on my calendar because I'm putting those daily notes in the notebook instead.  Scribbling on my wall calendars has been my way of keeping a planner and diary all in one spot for the past 25+ years!  Soooooo, yeah, I'm back to wanting to do daily diary type posts, however short and boring those might be.  And I'm also back to having no real use for all those stickers and washi tapes I've accumulated.

*dramatic sigh*

I have a week off work starting today.  I'm looking forward to just relaxing again, watch some movies and TV, play the new Skylanders game that came out this weekend, maybe get some reading done.  I need to find some new shoes for work because I'm back to being in sometimes agonizing pain by the end of the day.  I've said it before but twelve hour shifts on concrete floors are not friends to your feet, knees, and lower back.  This problem as temporarily replaced all others as my biggest source of stress right now.

Hubby's brother was in a motorcycle accident last week.  Three broken ribs, lacerated spleen, surgery, and four days in the hospital after having a sneezing fit and losing control of the bike.  He doesn't wear a helmet, so he's lucky it wasn't much worse.

Hubby's uncle had a heart attack last week.  He didn't die but I don't know how bad it was.  This coming just a week or so after another uncle died, and a third uncle was diagnosed with a brain tumor that nothing can be done for.

On top of all that, hubby's been feeling upset because his parents are getting to the point where they need more and more help with things.  It's hard to realize, to accept, that your parents are that old.  I'm ahead of him on that path because I've been taking care of my mom for so long already.  I've been through those talks of 'power of attorney' and 'next of kin' and 'do no resuscitate.'  His parents have had many more health scares than my mom has had so far *knock wood* but now he's catching up on the part where you just have to accept things are no longer the same.  When we talking about all this last week, we both admitted to some anger towards our siblings.  For both of us it's like, okay, we are the ones who live the closest and will be called on the most, but there is no reason why the siblings who live a little farther away can't stop in once a month or every two weeks or something just to help out.  In my case, there are six of us total.  My sister lives out of state and obviously can't be called upon to pick up Mom's mail or run her to the grocery store.  One of my brothers does do a lot of things.  But that leaves three other brothers who could be doing a little more.  In hubby's case it's just his one brother, who lives about 30-40 minutes away.  He has no problem traveling to his parents' when he needs money, but can't seem to find the way there if it's just something like stacking wood for the winter or helping to mow the lawn.  It sucks, but what can you do?

I thought Fattycat was bouncing back and doing so much better now that he's on medication for his thyroid.  He seems to have hit a plateau or something now though.  He's sleeping a lot again, and doesn't seem to have gained any more weight.  I'm very curious to see what his vet recheck next week shows.

The Vikings won this week.  Yay!  After that horrible first game of regular season against the 49ers, they very handily romped all over the Lions this past weekend.  I didn't get to watch the game because I was at work, but I did keep tabs on it with my phone and hubby recorded it for me.  I should probably go watch that now.

And I think fall has officially arrived here because I see a lady bug crawling across my window.  This means the swarm on the side of the house will be here soon.  Ugh.

Alrighty, we'll just see where this daily more frequent nattering goes this time.
Anything interesting happening in your world lately?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Haul - Target and Walmart / Halloween

Yes, another small fall haul.  You guys are probably getting sick of them by now.  I can't help it!  It's an addiction!  lol  There might be a couple more hauls once I pull my Halloween decorations out and I have a chance to see just what I have that I still like.  Remember, I said I'm switching to more cutesy Halloween things this year?

Yeah, blah blah blah, get on with the haul.

I picked up two more of these A Thankful Harvest tarts because it's such an amazing fall scent and I need to share these with a couple people.  I already have three or four for myself.  Hoarder, yes.

I found this No Place Like Home in the big bin of wax near the tarts section.  If you can't find fall scents on your store's shelves, see if that bin is around somewhere.  I found a ton of the fall scents in there.  I'll probably put this one in to my Christmas stash, but wanted to grab it now while I was seeing it.  It's just a really nice sweet cinnamon and clove scent.

In the fall decor aisle, I found to boxes of small pumpkins.  There were many different sizes and shapes and colors.  They remind me of the ceramic pumpkins Dollar Tree had when their fall stuff first came out.  These are made of styrofoam though, and cost $0.98 each.  One box was just plain colors, and the other had these slightly sparkly ones.  I only grabbed these two for now but if there are still more when I go shopping again, I might grab a few more.  They're small, the cream colored one being about six inches tall.  When I saw that one, I knew I had to have it.  I'm kicking myself for not getting the white one Dollar Tree had, and this was the only one of this color in either box at Walmart.

I *almost* bought this pumpkin pitcher.  It was in an aisle at the front of the store with all of the fall tableware and kitchen decor.  I thought it would look gorgeous as the fall centerpiece on my kitchen table.  I didn't get it today, but I'm still thinking about it.  There is also a line of fox items that is so freakin' cute!  There was a plate and a cookie jar that I wanted but it goes with nothing I have.  Well, unless I start collecting fox things, which would be fun to do . . . 

I decided to stop at Target's Dollar Spot because I'd remembered seeing this 'Boo' decoration last time.  Remember I bought those wooden letters and was going to do my own crafty thing?  I did one letter and wasn't thrilled with the results so I wanted to see if this was still there.  Obviously it was, and it was the only one I saw.  It's so cute.  These are wooden letters, about six inches tall, and the set costs $3.00.  They also had one that says 'Eek,' and one that says 'Spooky.'  I had the 'Spooky' one in my hand while I browsed, then decided to put it back.  Of course, now I really want it.

I had not seen these little garlands last time I looked through the Dollar Spot stuff.  There are five designs, that I could see . . . orange pumpkins, black bats, black spiderwebs, white skulls, and purple owls.  I only got these two, but, yes, now I'm wanting the owls and skulls too.  Casey says he's probably going to town this weekend.  I told him to grab them for me, along with the 'Spooky.'  LOL
I plan on mixing these together so they alternate when hung.  Not sure yet just where I'll put them but they should look cute anywhere.  These are felt cutouts on sheer ribbon.  There are six cutouts on each and they are very easy to move around and adjust spacing on the ribbon.  They are $1.00 each.  I noticed after I took the pictures that one side is plain felt, and the other side is glittery.  So yeah, I'm pretty sure the glittery side is meant to show.  Doh!

That's my festively fun haul for today.
Do you enjoy these haul posts?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Haul - Sweet Fixations (Wax)

Sweet Fixations is back in business and I am so dang happy!  If you've followed me for a while you might remember that Sweet Fixations was my favorite vendor for quite some time.  I'm not sure what all happened but things were on the decline for a while and then the owner closed the shop for some time.  I'd been disappointed in my last order, when things were already starting to change, so when she closed I'd thought 'Oh well, guess I'm done there.'  Then in all the chaos of the vendor world the past year or so, the new trends in open/close shops, the outrageous and unacceptable TATs, etc., I was getting so disillusioned with the wax world in general and found myself really missing good ol' Sweet Fixations.  So imagine my joy and surprise when she announced she'd be reopening on September 1!!!!

Okay, I do admit I was a bit hesitant about diving back into this vendor.  As mentioned, I'd been disappointed in my last order.  But still, Sweet Fixations has some of my absolute favorite must-have scents for fall.  Maybe the same scents can be found from other vendors but I was not about to try and find out with how difficult ordering from other places has become.  So yeah, when she reopened I went ahead and placed an order and hoped for the best.

This haul is combination of scents I've had before and adore, and some of her brand new ones.

Pumpkin Patch - 'Sweet and creamy pumpkin pie with butter, pecans, and a hint of spice.'
This is an old favorite.  The description is bit deceiving.  It's a little more of a fresh, bright pumpkin than the heavier bakery type you might imagine.  The spice is very mild.
 Leaves - 'Fruit, spices, and fall leaves! This is the definition of Fall!'
This is a brand new scent.  It's almost like warm spiced punch.  Very nice.
 Monster Mash - '(SF Blend) A mash up of cinnamon sugar french toast bread and donuts dusted with powdered sugar.'
Another of the new scents, this one is light on cold sniff.  I'm getting a doughy note that could be either the donuts or the bread.  I don't notice any spice on cold sniff.  We'll have to see how this one is when warmed.
Apple Harvest - 'Apple mixed with fruity notes and touches of spice.'
An old favorite, this is a nice apple scent with just enough spice to keep it from being plain old bright and juicy, yet still not a cliche apple-cinnamon scent.

Sweet Potato Pie - 'The delicious aroma of candied yams, melted marshmallows, sugar and spice on a buttery crunchy crust. '
Another old favorite, I can see how some people might now like it because there is a sort tang to it.  I think it gets much better while warmed, more of the warm and cozy notes coming through then.
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - 'Sweet pumpkin, maple syrup, and buttery crunchy pecans. '
This is new to Sweet Fixations this year, and I knew I had to have it since I've developed a newfound love of waffle scents.  (Or is just pecan waffle scents?)  I can't say how comparable it is to all the other versions out there but I do like this one.  It's deep and warm, with nuttiness and a touch of pumpkin.

Zombie Boyfriend - '(SF Blend) A deadly blend of cream filled cake, pumpkin waffles and fluffy marshmallow.'
Another new scent, I would have ordered it regardless because hubby is a huge zombie anything fan, but when I saw pumpkin waffles in the description, well that was just a bonus!  lol
I'm mainly getting a strong, sweet and creamy marshmallow note on cold sniff.  Even if that's all that comes out of this when warmed, it's still a delicious scent.  I'm hoping for hints of that pumpkin though.

Cozy Home - 'Housewarming spices with slices of juicy apples. Perfect for fall!'
I've had this before and had noted it as one of my fall must-haves.  This one is warmer and spicier than Apple Harvest, having almost a slight cider note to it.  Like the description says, this is indeed perfect for fall.
Cranberry Orange Spice - 'Tart cranberries, orange zests, and spiced apples. '
This is one of my absolute fall must-haves, and I've even assigned this to Thanksgiving Day specifically.  It's just such a nice holiday mood setter with it's hint of tart, hint of sweet, hint of spice.  There is a touch of bright in the warmth and coziness.

Haunted House - '(SF Blend) Hauntingly good blend of pumpkin pie and snickerdoodle cookies.'
 Another of the brand new scents, this one looks like a bit of a mess in the picture.  It's actually quite cute with the glitter and sprinkles in all of the Halloween colors.  The snickerdoodle cookies is the strongest note on cold sniff.  The pumpkin is very faint at the moment.
Sugar & Spice - 'A sweet, strong cinnamon mixed with holiday fruits and spice. '
I've had this one before.  I think it was added as a new Christmas scent just before things really started to change for Sweet Fixations.  I noticed in my notes from the last time I had this, that I thought it would be a good fall scent instead of Christmas.  Sniffing it now, I think it would work for either.  It's sort of a 'dry' scent, like the fruits are dried, like potpourri or something.  My notes from last time said it reminded me of a spiced punch, but I'm not getting that juiciness this time.  I'm curious to see what I think this time when it's melted.

Cranberry Cobbler - 'Sweet and sour red cranberries baked in sugar and lightly browned pie crust.'
Another old favorite, oh my gosh I adore this one.  I think this is another Thanksgiving Day one.  I usually prefer my cranberry scents to be spiced, but I think the bit of bakery note makes this un-spiced cranberry scent work for me.  It reminds me of my mom and grandma, and busy Thanksgiving mornings in the kitchen.
Trick or Treat - 'Great Halloween scent of pumpkin, apples, berries, orange and cinnamon. With notes of sugar cane and vanilla. '
How funny is that for Halloween, with a big ugly bug on top?  LOL
I've had this one before too and it's kind of hard to describe.  There is sweetness from the berries and fruits, a touch of warmth from the cinnamon, and a bed of creaminess from the vanilla.  It's not really bakery, yet not really fruity.

Pumpkin Souffle - 'Butter, sugar, spices, vanilla cream and pumpkin.'
 YESSSSSS!  Come to me, my old dear friend!  Oh, I'm so happy to have this again in time for Thanksgiving.  This has been my absolute must have, just not Thanksgiving without it scent for the past, what, four years?  Ohhhh, it is just such a wonderful pumpkin scent! It's a delicious creamy, buttery, pumpkin scent, so warm and cozy.  This is similar to my beloved A Thankful Harvest, from BH&G, but I think this one is a little richer, a little more salty/buttery.

Marshmallow S'mores - [no scent description]
I don't see this one on her site, so I don't know if it's new or what.  This was a freebie with my order.  The chocolate note is the first thing I notice.  I'm not a big chocolate scent fan, so I'm not sure how I fell about this.  I do get hints of the graham and marshmallow though, so maybe it'll be okay when melted.

Fizzy Mac Apple - [no scent description]
Another freebie, I don't see this one on the site either.  Maybe she's testing these scents?  This one is super sweet, like candy sweet with a lot of zest or effervescence.  Once I get past that shock, I think I do detect a hint of apple.  This is very perky and happy scent, good for spring or summer, or a party.  Don't let the apple in the name make you think it's a fall scent though.  Not sure if I'll melt this one or pass it on to someone who enjoys this type of scent more.

I do appreciate the freebies though, so thank you for those!

There was one small problem with my order though.  One of the tarts I had ordered was not included.  I did email her about it, but I was so anxious to get this post up that I have not waited for her reply.

So yes, Sweet Fixations is open again!  She is no longer selling the single scallop tarts because they were too time consuming, but she is still selling single scent shots.  Those cost $1.75 and weigh between 1.5-2.0 oz.  In the past, I have had better luck when I cut them in half than when I dump the whole tart into my warmer, so that's a pretty good deal.  She now charges actual shipping, and bills you separately once your order is ready to go.  I've seen other vendors do this and it seems to work because you avoid high flat rates, or miscalculated over-charges.  Current TAT is estimated at 12 business days, which is wonderful in this world of 6+ month TATs.
I ordered on Friday, September 4 and received my package on Wednesday, September 16.  I paid $5.70 shipping, and my order arrived snugly wrapped in a priority bubble mailer.  Everything is clean and well presented.  Her labels have changed slightly but she is indeed back to putting the cute pictures on them.  I think that's one of the things people remember Sweet Fixations for.

Were you a Sweet Fixations fan before?
Will you order now that it's reopened?
Did anything in my little haul catch your eye?
I'm so happy to have this vendor back!