Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Decor - 2015

The past couple years I've struggled with how to decorate for early fall.  I mean, if you get all of your fall things out in September you probably have to pack them up to get the Halloween decorations out in October, right?  And then get the fall things back out again in November?  That seemed like such a hassle.  I've gradually gotten it to where I only get non-pumpkin and non-Thanksgiving things out in September.  I've now been trying to increase decorations that feature sunflowers, leaves, and apples.  I've been putting off doing this post because I was still finding new little things, but I think I'm done now for this year, so let's take a look at the fall decorations around my house.

The picture above is my chubby little scarecrow guy that has joined the usual fake plant and basket on top of the fridge.  The plant and basket are there all year, and then I just add something seasonal to the look.  I think the scarecrow came from Walmart a few years ago.

The main focal point of all my decorating is usually right here on the buffet in what used to be our dining room.  (It's our geek central computer area now.)  I've really gone the minimal route this year, but I like it.
I think we got the sign from Menards a few years ago.  And the glittery leaf banner came from Target's Dollar Spot, just a few days ago.
My mother-in-law made the floral display many years ago but I never used to be able to get it out because Minion would chew on it.  He's leaving it alone for the most part this year.  The orange leaf candy dish came from Dollar Tree last year.  And that lovely doily runner thing was a hand embroidered gift from bloggy friend Julie last year.  See the leaves at the center edge, and the sunflowers in the corner?  Love it!

Remember the post a while ago about the old wreaths my mother-in-law had made?  I pulled this fall-ish colored one out and hung it on the wall across from the buffet.

I found this wooden sign decoration at the St. Vinnie's store last year.  It's sitting on a little cabinet across from our buffet, and under the little wreath.
 The coffee table in the living room.  That floral wheelbarrow on the lower shelf is so cool looking.  We got it at Menards years ago but I have yet to find a decent place for it.
A closer look at what's on top of the coffee table.  That's a very yummy smelling Cinnamon Apple Cider candle from the 719 Walnut Avenue brand, that I got at Walmart this year.  And the cloth is another of Julie's embroidered gems.  Skol Vikings!
 This table in the corner of the living room has become another center for decorating the past few years.  The basket stays there most of the year and often holds small candles.  The fall florals are from Walmart, or maybe some from Dollar Tree too, and I got them last year.  The two little votive holders have a sort of fall leaves stained glass look about them and I got them last year at Pick N Save (grocery store) in the floral department.  The fall leaves designed container on the right is actually a small flowerpot that I got for about 75cents in the clearance aisle at Walmart this spring.  And the scarecrow sitting in there is from Dollar Tree.

Here are the three glittery leaves I recently got at Walmart.  They are hanging in a corner of the living room, next to the main doorway.  I also have a second banner of the Target glitter leaves hanging across the doorway but it's hard to get a decent picture of that.

When you first come into our kitchen from the back (main) door, you come in next to the fridge, so I hung one of those Dollar Tree clings that I'd hauled on that side.  The other is on the front, on the freezer door, for all to enjoy whenever they're in the kitchen.  You can see the chubby scarecrow on top of the fridge.
And here is that cute little magnet I just got at Family Dollar this morning, on the fridge, next to the front cling.

On the kitchen table I have this gorgeous runner that I bought off Etsy years ago.  It has matching potholders but I didn't take a pic of those this time.  The brown plate looks wooden but is actually plastic.  I love it.  I got it at Walmart years ago.  The candle is from Moeggenborg Sugar Bush, a soap and wax vendor that I came to love back in my soaping days.  The fall leaves napkins in the holder are from Target's Dollar Spot, from last year I think.

A kitchen towel from Kmart (I think?!) hanging on the oven door.  I think I got this last year.
And two leafy towels that I've had for many years, hanging on the cabinet doors by the sink.  I think I got the towels at Walmart.

I've had this sign for years.  I think we found it at Fleet Farm.  I do try to avoid pumpkins in my September decorating but I love that this sign says 'Autumn' and fits so well on this little shelf.

On our 'do it all' end of the kitchen counter I have these two new pieces this year.  The bucket with the apple is from Walmart, and that cute little toothpick holder is from Family Dollar.  They look pretty cute together, right?

When you first come into the house from the back (main) door, you are in the back room, or the mud room I guess it could be called.  Then you go through another door to get into the kitchen and the actual house.  So this cheerful guy hangs by that kitchen door to welcome you when you first come through the back door.

Out on the porch are these scarecrow door greeters (and some Viking gnomes).  I got these at either Menards or Walmart many years ago.  That little 'rock' says Happy Fall, has a glittery pumpkin, and came from Dollar Tree this year.

This metal sign hangs on one side of the door.  I got it on clearance a couple years ago at Kmart.

This wreath hangs on the other side of the door.  This one is about 15 years old and needs a lot of touch ups.  All of those white balls used to be colorful pumpkins and gourds.  Every year I say I'll repaint them after the fall season, and never do.  I then tell myself I'll do it before I get it out again next time, and never do.  This year I think I *need* too because it's looking silly now.  The wooden 'Autumn Greetings' part on top needs to be fixed too.  It fell off this year and is actually just being held on with twine at the moment.

I bought one mums plant this year.  It's not even in any kind of nice pot or anything.  I can't keep plants alive.  This probably won't even make it to Halloween.  *sigh*

My little fall garden flag, on the other side of the porch steps from the mums plant.

And finally, a look at the back porch and door.  Ignore the shaggy lawn and weeds.  We're just keepin' it real here, people.

There you have it, the 2015 fall decor at The Fall Slut's house.
Do you decorate for fall?


  1. love it!!! Those glittery leaves look really great lines up vertically like that. I absolutely love mums too but can never keep them alive :-( I hope yours lives. I need to do my fall home post! Eep!

    1. The mums are already looking critical. I snagged one section of 'branches' on the little metal chair frame that they are sitting on, and another time the whole pot got blown off the chair in a storm. Plus, I keep forgetting to water them because I keep forgetting I have them. DOH!

      Yes, do your fall home post!


  2. Nice! I love the metal outside sign, the flag, glitter "rock," fridge clings, St. Vinnie's thing, living room glitter leaves, and living room flower arrangement. I think the pumpkin toothpick holder does look cute with the apple bucket :) And I still love the kitchen table runner and that platter :)

    I bought a mum this year too. Yours looks way healthier than ours! I'm a bit worried about ours's longevity too. And I don't have it in an actual pot either. I want it in one, but I can't seem to find them in the garage. Might have to buy a cheapie, 'cause I don't like how it looks right now.

    1. I bought cheapie mums to begin with. There were much fuller, healthier looking ones for several dollars more but I was like "Bah, I'm cheap." So if you read my reply to Julie, above, you'll know mine are already looking much more scraggly. lol


  3. Oh--and I don't really decorate for fall as opposed to Halloween, but I'd like to start. My first step (other than a mum pot) needs to be a cool wreath or sign for the front door. :) I also want to get pumpkins for the front steps as soon as they start appearing for sale, rather than a day before Halloween *rolls eyes*

    1. I'd forgotten to get out my old fake-flowers-in-trick-or-treat-buckets before I took these fall pics. I don't think I bothered to get them out last year, so I had to go digging in the garage for them. They need to be redone, but I do have them on the steps now.

      I've seen so many people make gorgeous wreaths with Dollar Tree products, and they make it look so dang easy. I soooo want to do it but I'm afraid I'll be all picky and overthink it and end up crabby. Let me know when you make yours. =P


  4. Really lovely, Deb! The back door looks so inviting. You're a master at creating perfect little vignettes with a few great pieces :)

    Not feeling autumn at all right now, as it's still about 96 degrees out at nearly 8pm, down from a high of 105ish :P If I'd wanted weather like this, I'd have moved to Arizona!

    To answer your question from way back, I got almost nothing done on my break from work! I spent too much time lazing around watching TV and reading :D Tomorrow I should have my own desk and computer set up at my new job so I'll be able to catch up with blogs, finally!

    1. Aww, thanks. =)

      Our weather went up to near 90 for most of last week and that was sooo not good for looking at fall decorations and melting fall scents. Luckily, we've slipped back down to mid/upper 60s now, so all is good.

      Sometimes just being lazy and watching TV is all we need. I was off work last week and did very little. Usually that drives me nuts, like I'm wasting limited time, but this time it just felt refreshing.