Thursday, September 3, 2015

Haul - Creamery Creek / Soap

I seem to always get a goat milk soap urge in the fall, probably because that's the time of year I discovered that world of crazy handcrafted goodness.  Now that we're in the early fall season, once again I have been hearing the call.  You probably know I've gotten lazy and have been using retail body washes for some time now.  But this past weekend I dug out a bar of Oatmeal, Milk & Honey goat milk soap from a different vendor and have been enjoying it all over again.  Well, I still prefer the instant and abundant lather I get from body wash, but I'd forgotten just how good goat milk soap makes my skin feel.

I decided to place a small order for a fall soap and a winter soap.  I decided to go with Creamery Creek instead of the other vendor because I haven't used them much and wanted to give them another try.  

They didn't have a cranberry scent, so I decided to get Pumpkin Pie scent for the fall.  Creamery Creek has lighter scents in their soaps, which is fine, because you smell it in the shower but it doesn't linger to interfere with your lotions or perfumes.  I don't smell much beyond the normal soapy scent, perhaps a bit of spice.  I'm hoping a bit more at least comes out in the shower.  Even if it doesn't though, it's a nice chunky bar of goat milk soapy goodness.

This 5.3 oz. bar cost $5.50.

Of course I had to get Peppermint for winter.  This is peppermint essential oil, and is just a really nice basic peppermint scent, crisp and cool and a bit sweet.  Looking forward to using this!

This 5.4 oz. bar cost $6.00, slightly higher because it is essential oil instead of just fragrance oil.

I received this 1.4 oz sample piece in Citrus Fizz scent, which I think is one of their new ones.  Described as '. . . notes of sweet cane sugar infused with bright, juicy lemon and lime notes. Delicate notes of peach, raspberry, green apple, cherry and almost-unnoticed floral nuances tone down the lemon and Aqua Lime Fragrance,' this is a really nice scent.  It's very much like 7Up.

I also received this 1.0 oz. sample piece in Mandarin Orange, a very perky scent.

It's been a long time since my only other order from Creamery Creek and I don't remember how easily or abundantly their soaps lather.  I think they were fine.  I'm anxious to find out again.  And if my bar soap habit sticks around for a while this time, I will probably be ordering from here again.  Shipping was lightning fast.  I ordered Monday morning and had my package on Wednesday!

Have you tried goat milk soap lately?


  1. Dang that IS super fast! I am digging this dip back into the goat's milk soap pool. The cozy comfort of a handmade chunk of soap coincides with fall comfort too. Peppermint soaps make me feel just plain clean. Zippy, tingly clean. Let us know if these lather up as nice as you remember. On a side note, I ordered from that Prairie Antiques primitive Etsy vendor, cute shapes and custom scents and it shipped in a few days too! Gotta love those fast TATs!

    1. Cool that you ordered. Just saw your kitty tart on Facebook. =)

      I'm seriously considering trying to make hot process soap. I was busy today but tomorrow I'm hoping to read up about it again and give it a whirl. I'm excited about the idea!


    2. I am excited just thinking about you trying your hand at it! Please blog it if you do try!