Monday, September 14, 2015

Haul - More Dollar Tree & Walmart

 I was in town again today because my mom needed a few things.  I told her I had to stop at Dollar Tree again, just dash in and grab something.  She decided she'd go in too this time (she often just waits in the car) and browse around.  Then it was over to Walmart.

My reason for going to Dollar Tree again was to grab those other four washi tape designs that I hadn't gotten yesterday.  Luckily they were still there.  I heard different people online say there are twelve designs in the Halloween collection, and I know have all but one.  There is one with gray and white skulls on a black background that I have not even seen at my store.  If any of you come across it, I'm willing to buy or trade for it.

I think I mentioned in a recent post that I was feeling more of a cutesy Halloween decor vibe this year.  This isn't quite what I have in mind but they are on the cutesier side of things.  And the cat is funny because last year, late in the Halloween season, hubby realized we have no black cat decorations and decided he wanted one.  Everything was all picked over by that time last year, so when I saw this little one I had to grab it.  The ghost is just a cute companion.  They also had little jack-o-lanterns but I didn't grab any.  These are about six inches tall, and are that plastic garlands stuff wrapped around a plastic frame.

I've had a project idea in my head for a couple weeks, ever since I saw a pic of something online.  The project was to put seasonal scrapbook type paper on the letters using Mod Podge.  I'm thinking of maybe using some of my new Halloween washi tapes to cover them instead.  These are five inch letters, and cost $1.47 at Walmart.

Of course I had to check the wax aisle.  The shelves are pretty well picked over but I noticed that big bin of wax is back, and it's filled with a lot of the fall scents.  So if your store is lacking in fall scents on the shelves, check to see if that bin is in the area and dig through there!  I even found a couple I had not originally seen on the shelve.  The only one I grabbed today was this Farm Apple Pumpkin, which is so yummy, sort of a bright pumpkin scent because of the hint of juicy apples.

That is my quickie haul for today.  After I'd posted my washi tape haul yesterday I went back to YouTube to watch more haul videos and what did I find?  
Walmart has Halloween washi tapes too!  These seem to be the $0.97 little rolls usually found by the scrapbooking supplies.  My store did not have any.  The girl in the video said she'd found them over in the fabrics section so I made sure to check over there too but nope, no Halloween washi tapes at my Walmart yet.  That sucks because I really like some of these designs, even more than the Dollar Tree designs.  I will keep looking though.  Or if you any of you find them at your store, let me know!

Alrighty, that is my shopping fun for today.
Have you found any fun items recently?

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