Saturday, September 12, 2015

Haul - Scentsationals (Wax)

I am a huge fan of Scentsationals / Better Homes & Gardens wax melts.  I've looked at the Scentsationals website many many times but had never actually placed an order.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because the prices are higher on the site than at Walmart?  Not sure.  But that's changed now.  Blog reader Kevin encouraged me to use the site, and right around that same time, Scentsationals started their Fall Scent Special with select scents on sale for only $0.99.  Well, heck yeah!

These will be my cold sniff thoughts, since I have not melted any of these yet.

Apple, Pecans & Sage
This one just sounded so intriguing.  I've already gone through all my apple scents for this fall so I figured I'd get more.  This one is really interesting.  The sage is that strongest note.  I think I'm finding that I really like sage.  There is a bit of nuttiness, and the apple is very soft and very distant.  This is a warm, sort of dry scent.  It doesn't really strike me as fall but I do like it.

Harvest Fair
I really wish Scentsationals would have scent descriptions!  I get a bit of a zesty note in here, like there is orange or mandarin.  There is a bit of spice, and maybe a tiny hint of something like hay or wood.  It's another warm scent.  I like it.

Country Kitchen
This one, however, I do not like.  It strikes me as way too cologne-like to be anything kitchen-y.  Maybe there is a hint of pine?!  Which also doesn't fit into the kitchen title.  This reminds me of bug repellant.  Bummer.

Pumpkin Latte
There is an almost smoky note that hits you first but when you get past that you get the subtle hints of pumpkin mixed with the creamy coffee notes.  This doesn't have the bitter note that coffee scents often have.  I suppose maybe that 'smoky' note could be a form of the coffee bitterness.  I'm curious how this will be when warmed.

Pumpkin Berry Twist
Since Better Homes & Gardens wax is made by Scentsationals, I wondered if this might the same as BH&G's Harvest Berry Pumpkin.  Since I have both right here to sniff and compare . . . I think they are very similar.  There is that sort of toned down Fruit Loops scent with each of these.  It's more of a sweet, candy cranberry scent, with a bit of pumpkin warmth behind it.  This is a bright scent.

Salted Caramel Apple
Again, knowing the companies are related, I wondered if this might similar to my beloved Candied Caramel Apple.  Luckily, I saved my last two cubes of that to compare to this.  They are not the same.  This one has a definite salty note.  It almost reminds of a popcorn scent until the sweetness of the caramel apple shows up behind it.  I hope the salt note tones down when melted.  I much prefer Candied Caramel Apple anyway.

Cranberry Scone
I was so excited about this one when I saw it on the site.  Not sure what I was expecting but this isn't it.  I think I was hoping for a stronger cranberry note, perhaps a spiced cranberry.  I'm not sure how to describe this.  There is a strong bakery note but it's bland, perhaps a bit salty, somewhat like unbaked dough.  The cranberry is very subtle.  It almost comes across as a soft cherry note.
(This one was full price, $2.99.)

Berry Spice
This was suggested to me when I mentioned Spice Cranberries from Scentsationals was my favorite cranberry scent.  This is nothing like that.  It's still interesting though.  I don't think it's cranberry.  My first thought was something deep and dark, like plum, but looking carefully at the background pic on the label tells me it's strawberries and/or raspberries I'm smelling.  Spice strawberries?  Interesting indeed.  I do like this but it doesn't strike me as a fall scent.
(This was also full price, $2.99.)

Caramel Popcorn
I'm not a huge popcorn scent fan but since this was one of the $0.99 ones I went ahead and got it.  I wondered if this might be similar to Spiced Caramel Corn, from the BH&G combo pack called At The Fair.  No, they are not at all the same.  Weirdly, this Caramel Popcorn is very spicy to me.  It's almost like straight up cinnamon at first, then you find the salty popcorn note behind it.  I wonder how this will be warmed.

Vanilla Pumpkin Cream
My absolute hands down favorite of this bunch is this one.  It's along the lines of my other absolute favorite pumpkin scent, A Thankful Harvest, from BH&G.  I have both here to compare and I would almost be willing to say that they are the same.  If not the same, close enough that I could rely on this one as a backup.  It's such a warm and cozy, comforting fall scent.  It is creamy pumpkin.  No spice.  No bakery.  It is a house full of guests on Thanksgiving Day.  It is a cozy evening at home during the holiday season, chilly outside, warm inside, as you curl up with a blanket and a book.  It is my favorite.  If this is still in the $0.99 sale, I'm getting about 500 more.

That is my very first order from the Scentsationals website.  I plan to keep ordering, and exploring so many more of their scents.  I will still buy what I can from Walmart but the website opens things up to more variety.  They often have sales, and I only recently found out they have some sort of rewards program.  I'll have to get a few more orders under my belt to see how that program works.

Shipping was fast.  I ordered on Friday, September 4, and received my package the following Friday, September 11.   I paid $5.99 shipping, with those ten clamshells coming in a priority bubble mailer.

Are you a Scentsationals fan?  Have you ordered from their site?  What are some of your must-have favorites?


  1. I am a Scentsationals fan! I had a great experience when I ordered my warmer and tarts from them online. There were a few more I meant to try but I keep waiting for another 20% off code :-D

    That vanilla pumpkin sounds incredible!!! Love your description of it. Makes me crave it.

    1. Oh yeah! I'd forgotten you ordered from them. I can't wait to order more, probably when Christmas scents come out and I see what's at my Walmart.

      That pumpkin IS incredible. Look for A Thankful Harvest next time you're at Walmart. Or maybe I'll have to seen you a couple cubes.


  2. 500 - lol.

    Apples, pecans, & sage sounds very intriguing indeed!