Thursday, September 17, 2015

Haul - Sweet Fixations (Wax)

Sweet Fixations is back in business and I am so dang happy!  If you've followed me for a while you might remember that Sweet Fixations was my favorite vendor for quite some time.  I'm not sure what all happened but things were on the decline for a while and then the owner closed the shop for some time.  I'd been disappointed in my last order, when things were already starting to change, so when she closed I'd thought 'Oh well, guess I'm done there.'  Then in all the chaos of the vendor world the past year or so, the new trends in open/close shops, the outrageous and unacceptable TATs, etc., I was getting so disillusioned with the wax world in general and found myself really missing good ol' Sweet Fixations.  So imagine my joy and surprise when she announced she'd be reopening on September 1!!!!

Okay, I do admit I was a bit hesitant about diving back into this vendor.  As mentioned, I'd been disappointed in my last order.  But still, Sweet Fixations has some of my absolute favorite must-have scents for fall.  Maybe the same scents can be found from other vendors but I was not about to try and find out with how difficult ordering from other places has become.  So yeah, when she reopened I went ahead and placed an order and hoped for the best.

This haul is combination of scents I've had before and adore, and some of her brand new ones.

Pumpkin Patch - 'Sweet and creamy pumpkin pie with butter, pecans, and a hint of spice.'
This is an old favorite.  The description is bit deceiving.  It's a little more of a fresh, bright pumpkin than the heavier bakery type you might imagine.  The spice is very mild.
 Leaves - 'Fruit, spices, and fall leaves! This is the definition of Fall!'
This is a brand new scent.  It's almost like warm spiced punch.  Very nice.
 Monster Mash - '(SF Blend) A mash up of cinnamon sugar french toast bread and donuts dusted with powdered sugar.'
Another of the new scents, this one is light on cold sniff.  I'm getting a doughy note that could be either the donuts or the bread.  I don't notice any spice on cold sniff.  We'll have to see how this one is when warmed.
Apple Harvest - 'Apple mixed with fruity notes and touches of spice.'
An old favorite, this is a nice apple scent with just enough spice to keep it from being plain old bright and juicy, yet still not a cliche apple-cinnamon scent.

Sweet Potato Pie - 'The delicious aroma of candied yams, melted marshmallows, sugar and spice on a buttery crunchy crust. '
Another old favorite, I can see how some people might now like it because there is a sort tang to it.  I think it gets much better while warmed, more of the warm and cozy notes coming through then.
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - 'Sweet pumpkin, maple syrup, and buttery crunchy pecans. '
This is new to Sweet Fixations this year, and I knew I had to have it since I've developed a newfound love of waffle scents.  (Or is just pecan waffle scents?)  I can't say how comparable it is to all the other versions out there but I do like this one.  It's deep and warm, with nuttiness and a touch of pumpkin.

Zombie Boyfriend - '(SF Blend) A deadly blend of cream filled cake, pumpkin waffles and fluffy marshmallow.'
Another new scent, I would have ordered it regardless because hubby is a huge zombie anything fan, but when I saw pumpkin waffles in the description, well that was just a bonus!  lol
I'm mainly getting a strong, sweet and creamy marshmallow note on cold sniff.  Even if that's all that comes out of this when warmed, it's still a delicious scent.  I'm hoping for hints of that pumpkin though.

Cozy Home - 'Housewarming spices with slices of juicy apples. Perfect for fall!'
I've had this before and had noted it as one of my fall must-haves.  This one is warmer and spicier than Apple Harvest, having almost a slight cider note to it.  Like the description says, this is indeed perfect for fall.
Cranberry Orange Spice - 'Tart cranberries, orange zests, and spiced apples. '
This is one of my absolute fall must-haves, and I've even assigned this to Thanksgiving Day specifically.  It's just such a nice holiday mood setter with it's hint of tart, hint of sweet, hint of spice.  There is a touch of bright in the warmth and coziness.

Haunted House - '(SF Blend) Hauntingly good blend of pumpkin pie and snickerdoodle cookies.'
 Another of the brand new scents, this one looks like a bit of a mess in the picture.  It's actually quite cute with the glitter and sprinkles in all of the Halloween colors.  The snickerdoodle cookies is the strongest note on cold sniff.  The pumpkin is very faint at the moment.
Sugar & Spice - 'A sweet, strong cinnamon mixed with holiday fruits and spice. '
I've had this one before.  I think it was added as a new Christmas scent just before things really started to change for Sweet Fixations.  I noticed in my notes from the last time I had this, that I thought it would be a good fall scent instead of Christmas.  Sniffing it now, I think it would work for either.  It's sort of a 'dry' scent, like the fruits are dried, like potpourri or something.  My notes from last time said it reminded me of a spiced punch, but I'm not getting that juiciness this time.  I'm curious to see what I think this time when it's melted.

Cranberry Cobbler - 'Sweet and sour red cranberries baked in sugar and lightly browned pie crust.'
Another old favorite, oh my gosh I adore this one.  I think this is another Thanksgiving Day one.  I usually prefer my cranberry scents to be spiced, but I think the bit of bakery note makes this un-spiced cranberry scent work for me.  It reminds me of my mom and grandma, and busy Thanksgiving mornings in the kitchen.
Trick or Treat - 'Great Halloween scent of pumpkin, apples, berries, orange and cinnamon. With notes of sugar cane and vanilla. '
How funny is that for Halloween, with a big ugly bug on top?  LOL
I've had this one before too and it's kind of hard to describe.  There is sweetness from the berries and fruits, a touch of warmth from the cinnamon, and a bed of creaminess from the vanilla.  It's not really bakery, yet not really fruity.

Pumpkin Souffle - 'Butter, sugar, spices, vanilla cream and pumpkin.'
 YESSSSSS!  Come to me, my old dear friend!  Oh, I'm so happy to have this again in time for Thanksgiving.  This has been my absolute must have, just not Thanksgiving without it scent for the past, what, four years?  Ohhhh, it is just such a wonderful pumpkin scent! It's a delicious creamy, buttery, pumpkin scent, so warm and cozy.  This is similar to my beloved A Thankful Harvest, from BH&G, but I think this one is a little richer, a little more salty/buttery.

Marshmallow S'mores - [no scent description]
I don't see this one on her site, so I don't know if it's new or what.  This was a freebie with my order.  The chocolate note is the first thing I notice.  I'm not a big chocolate scent fan, so I'm not sure how I fell about this.  I do get hints of the graham and marshmallow though, so maybe it'll be okay when melted.

Fizzy Mac Apple - [no scent description]
Another freebie, I don't see this one on the site either.  Maybe she's testing these scents?  This one is super sweet, like candy sweet with a lot of zest or effervescence.  Once I get past that shock, I think I do detect a hint of apple.  This is very perky and happy scent, good for spring or summer, or a party.  Don't let the apple in the name make you think it's a fall scent though.  Not sure if I'll melt this one or pass it on to someone who enjoys this type of scent more.

I do appreciate the freebies though, so thank you for those!

There was one small problem with my order though.  One of the tarts I had ordered was not included.  I did email her about it, but I was so anxious to get this post up that I have not waited for her reply.

So yes, Sweet Fixations is open again!  She is no longer selling the single scallop tarts because they were too time consuming, but she is still selling single scent shots.  Those cost $1.75 and weigh between 1.5-2.0 oz.  In the past, I have had better luck when I cut them in half than when I dump the whole tart into my warmer, so that's a pretty good deal.  She now charges actual shipping, and bills you separately once your order is ready to go.  I've seen other vendors do this and it seems to work because you avoid high flat rates, or miscalculated over-charges.  Current TAT is estimated at 12 business days, which is wonderful in this world of 6+ month TATs.
I ordered on Friday, September 4 and received my package on Wednesday, September 16.  I paid $5.70 shipping, and my order arrived snugly wrapped in a priority bubble mailer.  Everything is clean and well presented.  Her labels have changed slightly but she is indeed back to putting the cute pictures on them.  I think that's one of the things people remember Sweet Fixations for.

Were you a Sweet Fixations fan before?
Will you order now that it's reopened?
Did anything in my little haul catch your eye?
I'm so happy to have this vendor back!


  1. These all look amazing Deb! I remember loving Cozy Home and Trick or Treat. I bought her fall sampler and a warm and cozy sampler years back. If the throw in yours ends up being good, I would absolutely place another order!

    1. Apple Harvest cut in half and going in two warmers at the same time gave me light throw in one room, medium in the other. Leaves, whole in the Glade warmer gave me strong throw throughout the downstairs of my house. And right now, Cozy Home is divided in two warmers and giving a medium-strong throw.

      She's also sending that missing tart, no questions, no problems. =)


    2. Good!!! Glad the throws are good mostly and she is sending the tart. Great customer service!!!

    3. I've had Trick or Treat going in the Glade warmer for about seven hours now and it's good and strong. It's overtaking the scent of the candle we have going in the other room.