Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Cranberry Orange Blend

Cranberrry Orange / Cranberry Marmalade - [no scent description]

Another that I'd been trying to save for closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, and another of the older random tarts that I've decided to get out of the way.  This is a very nice softly spiced cranberry type of scent.  The cranberry notes are sweet and tart.  There is a bit of juicy perkiness from the orange, just a touch of spice to warm it up a bit, and then that slight hint of creaminess that seems to be unique to Rosegirls.  This would be verrrrry nice for either Thanksgiving OR Christmas.

I melted 1 oz. of this chunk in my Glade hot plate warmer and had a healthy medium strong scent that traveled slightly into an adjacent room.

[This tart was a gift from a waxy bloggy friend.]

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