Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mini Fall Haul

I had to go to town this morning to pick up some needed things I'd forgotten the other day.  I used this as a chance to stop back at Target and see if those Dollar Spot boxes of Halloween goodies had been unloaded yet.  They had, but I wasn't overly impressed.  Well, no, I just wasn't needed any of those cute Halloween things I was seeing.  There were a lot more choices in the banners, and I really did like some of them but I resisted buying.  There were more pillows, just neutral ones, so none need to come home with me.  I did see the mercury glass candles!  I went back to them several times but in the end decided not to get any.  I did *not* see any of the awesome Halloween stickers I've seen in haul videos though.  Didn't see the new Halloween bakers twine either.  But I did see the baking sprinkles!

There were more colors and styles, but I just got these three.  The one on top has little brown turkeys mixed in.  How cute!  Of course now this means I'll actually have to make cookies this fall.
(These cost $1.00 each, for 3.2 oz. container.)

That was all I got at Target.  I then headed over to Walmart to pick up the few things I'd forgotten the other day, and decided to take another look at their fall decorations aisle, which was only just starting to be stocked last time I was there.

 I've been saying for the past couple years that I need more non-pumpkin decorations for my September decorating.  So when I saw this little bucket at Walmart this morning, and the fact that it has an apple on it, I knew I had to have it.  Not sure yet where it's going to end up yet.  I have a couple ideas, just have to see where I like it best.  It is wood, just under five inches tall at the top of the bucket (not including the handle), and about 4.5 inches wide.  The handle is wire.  The little apple is also wood, glittery, and attached with a bit of wire.  They had other colors, with different decorations.  I think one might have been green with a sunflower on it...?
(This cost $2.98.)

These are so gorgeous!  Again, because they are not pumpkin related I knew I needed them for my early fall decorating.  They are 7 x 5.5 inches.  I thought they'd be more metal-like but they're just a stiff fabric type thing.  They're glittery and shiny and shimmery and just oh so pretty.  I got each of the colors they had.  The glitter does come off a little bit if you handle them a lot, but not anything like the Dollar Spot glittered leaf banner I got the other day.  Not quite sure what I'll be doing with these yet.
(These cost $0.98 each.)

And then a boring, non-fall item.  I finally got one of these mini glue guns because when I got my fall decorations out last week I noticed some things that need a bit of mending and touching up.  There have been other times when it would have been handy to have one of these little glue guns, so I went ahead and grabbed one today.
(The gun cost $2.67, and the pack of glue sticks cost $0.97.)

That's my little fall haul for today.  I think I've gotten about all the fall things I'm going to get for this year.  Now I'm waiting for Halloween things to come out.  I'm having a 'cute' Halloween theme urge this year, instead of the usual scary bones and weapons decorations we've had for so long.

Do you decorate for fall?


  1. I popped into Target today with the family for Adam's allergy meds and hit the dollar bins. Nada. Scarlette did find a cute pair of nerdy glasses and Savanna a cat ear headband but that was it. Those glittery walmart leaves are lovely!! I could use those along my kitchen windows for sure! I love my cheapie walmart glue gun. I use it all the time.

    1. I'm slacking in replies. Sorry!

      I do love those glittery leaves, and thought I'd grab more but have resisted because I'm not sure what to do with more. Hope your Target gets in gear with the Halloween stuff soon. There is sooo much I want!