Thursday, September 24, 2015

Missing Tart Update

Remember in my recent Sweet Fixations haul post I mentioned there was a tart missing?  I had messaged owner Tia about it and she took care of it right away, no problems, no questions asked.

Bobbing for Apples - 'Crunchy toffee chips and apples dripping with buttery caramel.'
I've had this before and it's become one of my fall must-haves.  I always have to laugh though, because you don't bob for caramel apples.  Hehe.  This is probably my second favorite caramel apple scent out there.  It's close enough to the BH&G Candied Caramel Apple (my #1 favorite) that I'll just go to this if I ever can't find the other.  The apple note is there, sweet and juicy, but the caramel is right there with it, sweet and creamy.  There is just enough warmth from the caramel to make this a cozy fall scent.
Snickerdoodle Bread - [no scent description]
Not only did Tia get the missing tart sent to me quickly, but she included a freebie.  I was so happy to find this in the little package, because she was no obligated to add extras.  I had an initial twitch of fear when I saw this was a bread scent.  You know how I am with zucchini bread scents, and you know how many vendors use zucchini bread as ALL of their 'bread' notes.  I'm pretty sure Tia has said in the past that she's not one who does that though, so I took a cautious sniff.  Wow, I wish I had a scent description for this because it's amazingly yummy.  (I don't even see this on her site.  Tester?)  There is a strong caramel or butterscotch note right off the bat.  I don't get any bread note on cold sniff, and that's quite alright.  I don't really get a spice note either, like you'd expect from Snickerdoodle.  This is delish, and I can't wait to see if it shows up on the site.

Thank you again, Tia!

I'm so glad Sweet Fixations is back in business, and I'm already looking forward to ordering Christmas/winter scents.


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