Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sep. 8 - Friend Mail From Kevin

I posted my haul of Scentsationals and Better Homes & Gardens fall tarts recently and mentioned there were two combo packs I was interested in but my store hadn't had them.  Blog reader Kevin said he had some and offered to send me some.  Seems we are both huge fans of the Scentsationals/BH&G tarts!  He says he orders directly from the Scentsationals site quite often and even let me know that they have a sort of frequent buyer program.  THAT caught my attention.  I don't any details about it yet and couldn't find anything about it on the site, but I placed my first order the other day and finally saw a mention of it in a summary of my account, or something like that.

But anyway!  Kevin said he was sending the two combo packs I'd been looking for, as well as a few extras that I might like.  I received the package today and holy moly, I've been spoiled.  I asked if he was okay with me blogging about it and he said sure, go ahead.

So let's take a look!

The Baked With Love combo pack features Pumpkin Sugar Cookies, and Cinnamon Pumpkin.  Pumpkin Sugar Cookies is nice on cold sniff, and just like it's name.  It's not like a pumpkin pie scent, doesn't have a creaminess, but has a nice cookie note with some spicy pumpkin.  Cinnamon Pumpkin might be deceiving on cold sniff.  It seems kinda like what the inside of a jack-o-lantern smells like after a candle has been burning in it.  When I sniff the two together though, it's a wonderful, spicy bakery scent.

Coffee Cafe is the other combo pack I'd been looking for.  It features Spiced Sugar Cookies, and Mocha Frappe Latte.  On cold sniff the Spiced Sugar Cookies are quite yummy.  They are not overly spicy, just enough to add some warmth.  Someone said in a video that the Mocha Frappe Latte is the same as the Iced Mocha something or other scent that came out earlier this year.  I've had that and loved it, but don't have any on hand right now to compare.  This *might* be the same.  There is a creaminess to the coffee notes, and I really do like it.

When Kevin said he was sending a few extras, he was putting it mildly.  I was like a kid in a candy shop as I pulled these out of the box . . . 

Pretzel Cone & Pralines
I think this is a brand new scent.  I'm not sure how to describe it.  On cold sniff there is a sort of salty note, almost something bread-y.  Not sure how I feel about this one right now.  Maybe when it's warmed it will bloom into something more.

Corner Bakery
I've had Perfect Corner Bakery from Better Homes & Gardens, and my old post about that one says I mainly just got a cinnamon scent.  Since BH&G is made by Scentsationals, I have no idea if this could be the same scent or not.  It's pretty light on cold sniff but what I do notice is . . . cinnamon.

Butter Rum Mocha
I was so sooo excited when I pulled this one out of the box.  I love a good butter rum scent!  On cold sniff I'm mainly getting the coffee note, slightly softened by a hint of creaminess and chocolate.  I don't get a distinct butter rum note but maybe it will come out more when melted.

Homemade Root Beer
This one made me laugh.  It's just such a FUN scent!  It really does smell like root beer!  It's not a creamy version.  It's actually got a bit of spice bite to it.  It reminds me of the root beer barrel had candies.  This will be fun to melt.

Bonfire S'more
I don't usually like smoky, campfire type scents.  This one definitely has that note but I think there might be enough of the marshmallow and graham cracker to make this one worth trying.  If not, I know someone who would love it if Kevin says I can pass it on.

Cottage Window
Pretty sure this is another brand new scent.  This is outdoorsy and green, maybe with a hint of musk, maybe even a hint of powder.  I like this, but it will probably wait for spring.

Caramel Latte
Hubby did a Homer Simpson drool thing over this one.  And it is indeed pretty darn nice.  On cold sniff, coffee is the strongest note, as usual.  I think it's probably a salty caramel type lurking in there.  I don't get a lot of creaminess.

Ginger Pumpkin
I was so happy to see a pumpkin scent in the box!  Can you ever have enough pumpkin varieties in the fall??  This is very strong on the ginger right now.  Hoping more pumpkin comes out when melted.

I noticed while going through these that the newer ones seem like smaller packs.  The cubes are shallower.  So I weighed them and sure enough, the old ones were 2.5 oz. and the new ones are only 2.0 oz..  That's a tiny bummer, but let's move on because that's not all he sent.

Autumn Night - 'Crisp autumn nights come to life with nutmeg and cinnamon layered with applewood and cedar.'
He included a 4-pack of this Bath & Body Works dupe.  I'm not familiar with the original so I can't say how true this dupe is.  It is very fall outdoorsy, a definite wood note.

I freaked when I saw not one but TWO things from Alamo Candelaria in the box.  I'm familiar with that vendor thanks to fellow blogger Julie over at The Redolent Mermaid.  Their stuff is gorgeous, the package top notch.  I couldn't believe he was including some!

Empanada - 'A warm pumpkin & cream cheese filled pastry spiced with cinnamon, ginger & cloves.'
More pumpkin??  Yes, please!  Alamo Candelaria has such sophisticated scents.  Somehow, a seemingly basic pumpkin bakery scent is so much more classy.  I can't wait to melt one of these four that I received.

And just what the heck is that 'book' thing?!  Oh my gosh, this packaging is so freakin' cool.  It could have been empty and I'd still be in love with it.  I'm absolutely keeping this 'book' to add to my eventual medieval decor in whatever room I end up doing it in.  I think it will look so cool with those mercury glass apothecary jars I got from Target!

But anyway, what's IN the 'book' package???

Soap and perfume oil!  Holy bejeezus!  The scent is de Clarmont, and is described as 'A blend of warm clove, spicy carnation, incense, wine and sandalwood.'  How gorgeous is that bar of soap?  The picture doesn't do the shimmery mica top justice.  Again, it's one of those sophisticated scents that I have no hope of describing.  Think Haus of Gloi, or FuturePrimitive, of even Valhalla Soaps type of scent.  

I also received this very pretty peacock notepad holder.
That little blue gem has a magnet closure under it, and it opens like a matchbook to reveal a small peacock notepad inside.  Very, very pretty.

And finally, he obviously knows that I am The Fall Slut.  The little package of felt turkey stickers was actually the first thing I saw as I dug into the box and I was giggling like crazy.  I've seen felt owl stickers in haul videos and had wondered where people were getting them, and now I was receiving freakin' felt TURKEY stickers?!  I love them!  And two packages of mini pumpkins in various colors!  I have a small glass vase that I think I will put these in.  I can't leave them out anywhere or Minion will have them gone in a minute.  The are SO cute though!

Thank you so soooo much, Kevin.  Your generosity overwhelms me.
Thank you!!!


  1. All so cool! I want to eat the wax. Love the turkeys and the peacock thing.

    Love your background too!

    1. Thanks for noticing the background. So many people use their phones for everything and never see the different backgrounds. *sigh*


  2. So pleased you liked your parcel, Deb. For me, the joy is in the giving and sharing!!

    1. I loved it! I love finding little things that I think people would like, and would be sending packages to people everyday if I could. lol


  3. What a super generous box of awesomeness Kevin gifted you! I am so excited for you to try these new tarts and of course... the Alamo goodies! Those turkeys are just too adorable.

    1. Oh yes, I am excited about those Alamo tarts. Such a creamy pumpkin scent. Mmmm.