Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 14 - Checking In Natters

Hello!  There have been so many little haul posts lately, and I've been itching to do a Natters post.  So here it is!  First of all, I totally dropped the ball on that weekly view out my window thing I was going to do.  You know, the one where you were going to be able to watch the transition into fall?  I did post two weeks,but the pictures since then just aren't showing enough of the subtle changes so I kinda gave up.

I do have some other big change pics though.
This is our garage and barn.  Notice the well outdated roofs.  The shingles were so old, falling apart and falling off.  There are holes, and even one section of the garage roof that had started to collapse.  Also note all the weeds and overgrowth around them.
This is them now, with new metal roofing.  Yay!!  All of that weedy overgrowth had to be chopped down a cleared for the roof guys to be able to do their work.  The buildings are far from done.  Both need wall work, and both need years of junk and clutter removed, but at least we've finally taken a step in that direction.  Hubby is so happy to have solid roofing once again.

So what else is going on?  Well, last week I went through some drama in my own head again.  My waxy bloggy friends and I had been talking about blogging in general, and what we really wanted from our blogs.  It all got me thinking once again that I could probably make this blog into something more professional if I'd just make up mind that's what I wanted and just put the effort into it.  I decided that's what I *did* want to do, and spent two of my days off researching different things about blogging.  I started a Facebook page and an Instagram account for the blog.  I was forming all these plans for regular features like giveaways and monthly favorites/empties/wrap-up posts, and so on.  I was going to get my blog out there.  I was going to devote my free time to doing this.

And then I stressed myself out so much about it that I almost cried and quit.  Within one day I had deleted the Facebook page and dropped all my grand ideas.  I still have the Instagram account but I'm not really doing anything with it.  Holy moly, it was like a ton of bricks was lifted off me.  I felt sooo much better accepting that my blog is just going to remain this humble little nattering thing.  I'm accepting, for now, that I might post silly little things that the cool kids don't care about.  I like changing my background to fit the seasons or holidays, even though most people never see it when viewing it on their phones.  For now I am happy and content in doing what I want here, just like people have been trying to tell me all along.

I'm just feeling really happy in general the past week or so.
Hopefully this mood sticks around for a while.

How have you been?
Any nattering you'd care to do?


  1. Love. This. Post. I am so glad you are just blogging to blog for the sheer joy of it! And your roofs/rooves/roofises look great! Enjoy your week my friend!

    1. That's funny that you put roofs/rooves, because when I was writing the post I first put rooves because it seemed right. That showed as incorrect spelling though, so I tried roofs, which doesn't even sound like a proper word, and that came up okay. lol

      I'm still feeling pretty okay with my blogging decision. Still kinda wishing I could (would) either do more Natters posts or start a journal though. It would help if I could figure out what's stopping me from picking up a damn pen and notebook. *grrr*