Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept. 22 - Natters Instead of a Haul!

The picture does not do this scene justice at all.  Boooo!  But this was how it looked the other morning as I was leaving for work.  Those clouds just looked so amazing, like there were so low and heavy, so fluffy and 3D-like below the upper level of just smeared cloudiness.  Oh well, trust me, it was just so cool to see.  There are many days when I see the most amazing sunrise views but I can't do anything about it because I'm driving to work.  (No, I wasn't driving for this one.)

Anyway . . . 

Yes!  This is a post that's not a haul!  It's just some natters this time.  Guess what!  I managed to start keeping a daily journal!  I bought a regular notebook and thought maybe I would be more likely to use that because there was more space than in the small little journals I'd been trying to get started in.  Might seem like a stupid excuse, but it must have worked.  I've very easily written in it four night in a row now, and have used washi tapes as entry dividers, and added stickers here and there.  It's been fun BUT . . . 
I still have that feeling of 'What's the point?'  It feels lonely to be writing in a notebook, only to myself.  I can be a little more open and honest with some things that way but I really do love sharing my boring days here with other people, and getting comments and interaction.  I've also stopped writing on my calendar because I'm putting those daily notes in the notebook instead.  Scribbling on my wall calendars has been my way of keeping a planner and diary all in one spot for the past 25+ years!  Soooooo, yeah, I'm back to wanting to do daily diary type posts, however short and boring those might be.  And I'm also back to having no real use for all those stickers and washi tapes I've accumulated.

*dramatic sigh*

I have a week off work starting today.  I'm looking forward to just relaxing again, watch some movies and TV, play the new Skylanders game that came out this weekend, maybe get some reading done.  I need to find some new shoes for work because I'm back to being in sometimes agonizing pain by the end of the day.  I've said it before but twelve hour shifts on concrete floors are not friends to your feet, knees, and lower back.  This problem as temporarily replaced all others as my biggest source of stress right now.

Hubby's brother was in a motorcycle accident last week.  Three broken ribs, lacerated spleen, surgery, and four days in the hospital after having a sneezing fit and losing control of the bike.  He doesn't wear a helmet, so he's lucky it wasn't much worse.

Hubby's uncle had a heart attack last week.  He didn't die but I don't know how bad it was.  This coming just a week or so after another uncle died, and a third uncle was diagnosed with a brain tumor that nothing can be done for.

On top of all that, hubby's been feeling upset because his parents are getting to the point where they need more and more help with things.  It's hard to realize, to accept, that your parents are that old.  I'm ahead of him on that path because I've been taking care of my mom for so long already.  I've been through those talks of 'power of attorney' and 'next of kin' and 'do no resuscitate.'  His parents have had many more health scares than my mom has had so far *knock wood* but now he's catching up on the part where you just have to accept things are no longer the same.  When we talking about all this last week, we both admitted to some anger towards our siblings.  For both of us it's like, okay, we are the ones who live the closest and will be called on the most, but there is no reason why the siblings who live a little farther away can't stop in once a month or every two weeks or something just to help out.  In my case, there are six of us total.  My sister lives out of state and obviously can't be called upon to pick up Mom's mail or run her to the grocery store.  One of my brothers does do a lot of things.  But that leaves three other brothers who could be doing a little more.  In hubby's case it's just his one brother, who lives about 30-40 minutes away.  He has no problem traveling to his parents' when he needs money, but can't seem to find the way there if it's just something like stacking wood for the winter or helping to mow the lawn.  It sucks, but what can you do?

I thought Fattycat was bouncing back and doing so much better now that he's on medication for his thyroid.  He seems to have hit a plateau or something now though.  He's sleeping a lot again, and doesn't seem to have gained any more weight.  I'm very curious to see what his vet recheck next week shows.

The Vikings won this week.  Yay!  After that horrible first game of regular season against the 49ers, they very handily romped all over the Lions this past weekend.  I didn't get to watch the game because I was at work, but I did keep tabs on it with my phone and hubby recorded it for me.  I should probably go watch that now.

And I think fall has officially arrived here because I see a lady bug crawling across my window.  This means the swarm on the side of the house will be here soon.  Ugh.

Alrighty, we'll just see where this daily more frequent nattering goes this time.
Anything interesting happening in your world lately?


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Kurth's brother and uncles. Your mention about other siblings hits home with me on my grandparents. I really do need to make more of an effort to see them and help out. I let the busyness of life interfere with what is important sometimes. I hope Fatycat is just having a minor set back and not getting worse. Please keep us updated.

    Your photo is beautiful! I can see how fat and plentiful the clouds are! We are just now starting to get less humidity and more cooler breezes (yet that is about it for fall in Florida).

    Interesting... hmm... burning more candles. OH! I did get a few fantasy/medieval London/England books for a quarter each at the library today. One is Thomas the Rhymer or something like that.

    1. Sometimes I wish my mom would move to a senior facility. At least she'd have others to chitchat with throughout the day, maybe play cards or just watch TV with people. Where she lives now is just a regular apartment building, but it's super convenient us. And she likes it there.

      Cool about the books. I really need to start going to the library. I say that a lot, but I really just need to start doing it. I have an interesting little story about our library that I should tell someday....


  2. Heavy post Deb, but I appreicate it.I'm going through many of the same issues with an aging parent and it's probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to face, next to my puppies aging and passing. Which brings me to Fattycat --hoping things get better with him <3

    1. Hope you're hanging in there and doing okay with your own situations. I had posted this earlier that same day we talked about it all.

      Fatty goes for his vet recheck this Wednesday. I'm very curious to hear the results. I think I need to take Minion in. Since our cats are indoor cats we've never continued their shots or checkups after their baby shots. After Tripper dying and now this with Lynx, I'm thinking of getting Minion on a regular shots and checkup schedule. Plus, his heel keep going nearly bald and I can't figure out why. =(