Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept. 27 - Melted Posts

My Melted posts are one of the things I keep going back and forth on when it comes to this blog.  People say they love them, that they are a helpful resource.  I enjoy doing them because I'm finding a lot of people don't revisit scents once a haul post is done.  I can see how people stumble across my blog by searching vendors or scents.

But dang, they can be a monotonous pain in the butt to do after a while!
And when it comes to scents I've already reviewed, I always wonder if I should do them again just in case someone knew is browsing.

I haven't been doing them lately because I just got sick of doing them.  I also thought I'd be able to enjoy the scents in a more relaxed way if I wasn't constantly keeping mental notes of how it smelled and performed.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I'm not really noticing the scents at all now that I have no reason to pay attention?!  I mean, I'll notice them in an 'Ooh, that's nice' way in passing but in the end I couldn't tell you much about them.  

So yes, I'm going to start up the Melted posts again.
At least for a while . . .


  1. I've always enjoyed your melted posts! Hooray!!

  2. I totally get you on the paying attention part. Unless someone asks for a review I tend to just notice whether I like it much or not and that is it. Glad to see melted posts!!!

    1. I've found the posts help me in my own research too. Like when Sweet Fixations was going to reopen, I went back through my old Melted posts to get a list of my old favorites. I'm sure I'll get sick of doing them again at some point though. lol