Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friend Mail - Pocket Letter

I first heard about pocket letters many months ago and the hobby has blown up like crazy among internet friends.  When I first saw them I thought it would be a really fun little thing to get into.  As I watched more and more YouTube videos about them though, the swaps people do and the supplies they buy, it started to seem to me like the only way these could be fun and worth it was if you were a major crafter swapping with another major crafter.  Most of the goodies I'm seeing fly back and forth among swappers are stickers and embellishments, goodies for planner fans and crafty people.  My interest faded then.

Several months go by and somehow my bloggy friend Julie and I decided to try a pocket letter swap.  She'd already done her first swap, but I was still a pocket letter virgin.  I went into it very excited.  And I gave up in frustration very quickly.  I'm such a friggen perfectionist about these types of things.  I can't just let it happen and have fun.  I over think it all.  I was trying to get away from just stickers and things but it's quite hard to come up with ideas that are relatively flat, to fit into the pockets of baseball card pages.  After giving up several times,  I finally yelled at myself one day and just dove into the project.

This is what I ended up creating.
I did end up putting a lot of stickers in this but I also added twine, ribbon, washi tape, candy, and gum.
I was rather proud of myself when I was finally done.

I received the pocket letter that Julie made for me yesterday.  She had some creative things in hers too!
There are tags and stickers and notepapers, a gift card, tea, and other little treasures.  The black label things in the upper left corner are really cool.  I think they are that chalkboard material that's all the rage.  I don't know if she made them . . . ?

 She also had this slip of paper included, with a quote that I need to remember on days I'm feeling selfish and greedy and lonely.

This pocket letter swap turned out to be fun afterall.  I don't know if I could get into this craze and keep doing millions of letters and swaps with people though.  It would get hard to come up with creative new items to include, beyond the popular Dollar Tree stickers that everyone seems to pass back and forth.  I wonder what kinds of things a Thanksgiving theme letter could include.  And I think I'd be willing to do Christmas themed ones if anyone else wanted to do some.

Are you a pocket letter fan?
Have you made / swapped any yet?


  1. Yours was waaaay cooler than mine! Savanna reused your cool backing papers to make one for her friend who moved to Kentucky. I totally neglected the back :-/ I forget in my excitement. I know you don't care for tea but thought maybe a spiced one would be interesting to try. Thanks for the swap! It was fun!

    1. The cool papers are the front. They present the theme and hide the goodies. Pocket letters are getting more and more extravagant as people get more into them. Some are decked out in lace and bling and bits and baubles....on the ON the plastic. It's becoming an art form. lol


    2. I wonder how many people will attempt advent pocket letters?!


    3. What a great idea!!! Or the 9 days of Christmas kinda thing. I better up my pocket letter game.

    4. Have you done any others since ours? Pretty much all the YouTube people I watch now are always asking for more swap partners. I'm just not into it enough.