Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween Decor - 2015

I kept the Halloween decorating on the slightly more minimal side again this year.  As always, the buffet is the main focal point for decorating in our house.  If you were a follower last year, this setup probably looks pretty much the same.  New this year is the 'Spooky' banner, from Walmart, and the small arched black cat, from Dollar Tree.

I'd gotten this black cat (Walmart) after my initial decorating and picture taking.  It was hanging above the 'Spooky' banner for a while but then I decided I just didn't like it there and tried hanging it outside by our back (main) door.  It's been pretty windy here lately though, and this kitty is not very heavy, so we were afraid it might blow away, and we brought it back inside.  Now it's just sitting on the end of the buffet because I haven't found a place for it yet.

In the living room, the usual set up on the corner table in front of the window.  I've had the basket for many years.  The skeleton and pumpkin totems are also many years old.  They do light up but we rarely turn them on, and haven't really tried them outside or anything.  In front is the pack of fun Halloween coasters that Julie made last year.

On the coffee table is another gift from Julie, an embroidered Vikings doily that has been out since the start of football season.
I just added this small felt pumpkin to it for the fall season, and whatever candle we're currently burning sits on that.

In the chair are these two pillows from Target's Dollar Spot.  The one if front is new this year, and the chevron one is from last year.

Of course the ancient McDonald's Happy Meal buckets come out each Halloween and sit on this bookshelf full of DVDs and video games.

Same as last year, I just added the little ghost and two pumpkins to the corner shelf in the living room.

This small, amateurish wreath that I made many years ago hangs above that corner shelf.

I also have Halloween garland draped along the big living room doorway but it's so hard to get a picture of that.
In the kitchen, new this year are the little plastic pumpkin (Walmart) that I'm using as a pencil cup, and the wooden 'Boo' sign (Target Dollar Spot).

Right above that is my Halloween 'Welcome' sign that I've had a few years now.

Pumpkin shaped soap dispenser that I got at Walmart two or three years ago . . . 
. . . has been replaced by the black cat soap dispenser my mom got me last week.  We still have a second of the pumpkin soap dispensers in the bathroom though.

The kitchen table is the same as last year, just some fun napkins and small, light-up ghost and pumpkin.

Top of the fridge is basically the same except that I swapped the ghost from last year for this new ghost (Dollar Tree).  The pumpkin used to light up but I think the little bulb might be burned out now.

Hanging by our kitchen door.

Outside by the door is this wreath I've had for quite a few years but actually forgot I had for a while.

Large plaster piece that we got at Menards a few years ago (after Halloween clearance) is serving as a door greeter.
And this other one sits on the other side of the door.

I made these many years ago.  I just bought small trick-or-treat buckets at Walmart, put some gravel in the bottom for weight, and added fall colored fake flowers.  They need to be refreshed and possibly totally redone though because they were buried in the garage for the past couple years.

My small garden flag by the porch.  I have a large flag on the other end of the porch, says 'Boo' and has ghosts on it, but like I said, it's been so windy here lately that I haven't been able to get a decent picture of it.

My mom gave me an old light-up Jack-o-lantern that she didn't want anymore.  I wasn't sure where to put it so I just set it in the window of Ty's old room.  Next year I'll have to add some other lights or things to the window.

And finally, I'd been putting off this post because I wanted to decorate the porch with some lights.  Hubby had done it several years ago, and then we never bothered with it again.  While cleaning out the back room earlier this year, I came across the lights he'd used.  Well, yesterday I finally got tired of putting it off and we went out and just whipped up a few strands just to have a little bit of festiveness for night time.  The pic isn't great but you get the idea.  There are purple spiders on one string, green and white ghosts on another.  Around the door is a string with plastic pumpkins and bats and lights in garland.  I'm not sure if we're going to carve any pumpkins this year.

There you have it, our humble Halloween decorations for 2015.
I hope you've decorated!


  1. I love the lights! Makes me want to go sit on your back porch. The ghost and pumpkin wreath by your door is cute. This post reminds me I need to do my decoration post! I just have not been on the ball. Plus I am totally lacking by the front door area. I want mums something fierce but have not sprung for them. We gave pumpkins but I think they are going to rot before we get to carving them next week.

    1. I keep wanting to get a bunch of pumpkins and place them around the house. I keep scaling that back to wanting to get just a couple pumpkins to set by the porch steps and eventually carve. Then I keep putting it off and, yeah, so far I still haven't gotten any. lol