Thursday, October 29, 2015

Haul - Country Lane Keepsakes (Wax)

My waxy bloggy enabler friends and I were talking about different vendors recently and I decided to order a bit of wax.  This ol' blog is kinda dead lately, and I'm ready to move on to winter scents already, so I figured 'Why not?'

I was not at all familiar with this vendor going into this order.  My waxy friends had heard a little bit and they're the ones that got me curious.  So I browsed the Country Lane Keepsakes shop on Etsy, and placed a small order.  The shop is new, and the scent list is decent.  It's not overwhelming like some vendors, but there are plenty to choose from and I had no problem finding a few to start off with.  I ordered three 4 oz. bags, which are listed at $3.95 each, and received several freebie extras.

Let's take a look.

Fluffy Candy Cane - 'This is not your traditional candy cane. We have added a bit of fluff and softness to it to create a fabulously softened scent that makes you feel like you have bitten into a puffy soft piece of peppermint that just melts in your mouth!'
Holy moly, I love this one!  A nice soft vanilla-mint is my favorite scent for Christmas, and it's surprising that there aren't more of those out there in the wax world.  This one is awesome but not quite my perfect version.  This is definitely a peppermint scent, strong and clear, but there is also a sugary note.  It's a soft scent.  Not soft as in light or weak, but soft as in not a sharp, sinus clearing mint.  It's gooood.

Harvest Cinna Berry - 'A strong holiday scent of cinnamon, fresh cranberries,fresh ginger and clove. This is a large room scent, perfect for those large area's needing a touch of holiday.'
I thought this might be the type of cranberry spice that I love, but nope, not even close to what I was hoping for.  It's an interesting scent though, kinda reminding me of holiday soap.  It's a dry scent, lots of cinnamon.  I have to really search for the cranberry note though.

Cranberry Preserves - 'A tart cranberry, spiced apples, and fresh California orange peel.'
I also picked this one in hopes it might be like my preferred cranberry spice and hoooo boy, this is nice.  I'm not sure it's like the cranberry spice I was looking for but I love this scent, and it's very familiar to me.  At first I thought it might be Apple Jack and Peel.  It's at least something popular in Halloween themed scents.  I'm quite sure of that.  It's a deep, dark, drink type scent, like a warm spiced punch.

The generous amount of extras came in the pink gift bag that you see in the first pic.  I love that this bag can totally be reused!  It's not marred by a vendor label or anything.

So what extras did I get?

Peach Preserves - 'Sun ripened peaches, a touch of vanilla and smoothed over a crispy graham cracker.'
I am not a peach scent fan.  It reminds me of cheap stickup air fresheners that were placed around our house when we bought it.  LOL!  But *this* peach scent might be okay.  There is enough other stuff going on, and the peach note is minor.  There is a lot of vanilla and a slight bakery note from the graham cracker.

Mulberry Harvest - 'A fruity and berry blend with cherries, apples, peaches, strawberries and tangerines. There is a sweet cotton candy vanilla.
The name is so fall-like, yet this scent is sort of summery to me.  It's very sweet, and I get a lot of strawberry.
Pumpkin Pie Filling - 'Fresh pumpkin, spices and a hint of cream readied for the pie crust.'
Typical pumpkin spice type scent but softened and sweetened by the cream.  A lot of pumpkin scents have been failures for me this fall, so I'm curious to see how this one does.

Cinnamon Sticks - 'A full bodied scent of rich spicy cinnamon. Not your bakery cinnamon. Strong and bold.'
Kind of light right now on cold sniff.  It's a craft store during the holidays type cinnamon.
Country Lumberjack - 'Another CLKS original blend. This is a complex scent that has you feeling there just might be a lumberjack standing near you. Top notes of Blue Spruce with a bit of citron, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, carnation. This one is a wonderful outdoors in the woods type of scent.'
This is not at all my type of scent.  The pinecone is cute though!  It's very cologne-y.  I do get the spruce note, and everything else just sort of swirls together in a cologne type mixture.  I will probably pass this one on to someone else.
That is my first order from Country Lane Keepsakes.  I placed the order on Saturday, October 24, and received my package on Thursday, October 29.  Not a bad TAT at all!  Since this is an Etsy shop, the shipping calculations can be scary.  Don't worry though.  Owner Carol says she refund shipping overcharges.  She also suggests that if you know how many bags you'll be ordering, just contact her through Etsy's convo option, let her know your zip code and how many bags, and she will be able to tell you what actual shipping will be and get your refund started quicker.  For my three 4 oz. bags plus the bag with five extra tarts, I paid $7.55 shipping.  It arrived nicely packaged in a 7x7inch priority box.
I'm looking forward to trying these tarts.  If they perform well, I might go back and get more of the Fluffy Candy Cane.  I see she also has a Twisted Candy Cane Stick that sounds like my dream kind of Christmas scent.  I might have to do another order just for that!
Have you tried Country Lane Keepsakes?


  1. What a nice haul! This new vendor looks mighty promising. I love some of those shapes, the pinecone, the prim circle with the heart dotted onto it, the moon. I hope these melt well. Peach is an iffy scent for me too but if there are enough spices I like it. You have me wanting to place an order from Country Lane... NOW who's the enabler?!

  2. Who is the enabler? Should I start naming names? =P

    That pinecone IS cute. I was hoping it was flat on the bottom so it could be stood up, maybe left out as a small stand alone air freshener type dealie. (Well, not in this particular scent.) It's flat on the side though. Poo.

    Go order. NOW.