Monday, October 12, 2015

Haul - Dollar Tree Halloween / Fall Craft Items

I stopped posting all my little hauls because I was starting to feel awkward about them.  I was wondering if people are thinking all I do is shop for dollar crap that I'm never going to use.  I'm not posting the Natters that I keep say I want to get back into.  I'm not ordering much wax or talking about smelly things much beyond the daily Melted posts (which are getting boring again, ha).  And I don't seem to be doing anything with all these craft items that I keep buying.

Someone said to keep posting them though, so others might see something they like and know to go get it while they can.  So here we go!

This post is actually two or three little Dollar Tree hauls combined.  And yes, it looks like I'm wasting money on a ton of stuff that I'm never going to use but right now I'm just sort of accumulating a large array of crafty items while I continue to learn about different paper-craft things.  So when I *do* finally start, I'll have a variety of things to play with.

The two packs of candy above are obviously not craft related.  I just got those because I'm digging the Russell Stover candies this year, and these are festive little caramel filled chocolate pumpkins.

I got a bunch of stickers.  These are glittery foam ghosts.

Glittery foam bats.

Glittery foam cats.  I only really like the black ones.

Glittery foam skulls, ghosts, 'BOO's, and tombstones.  I really like these.

These little rhinestone gem stickers seem to be all the rage among crafters right now so I grabbed purple for Halloween things, and the green and red for Christmas things.  Grabbed that one now, while it's there, instead of waiting till later and not finding it.

Also grabbed these black and silver/clear ones for Halloween again, and the multicolored pack for general use.

I've never really had any use for ribbon so I always tend to ignore it but now that I've seen different uses for it even in paper crafts, and because it's harder to find just regular *fall* things (not Halloween, not Thanksgiving) I decided to grab this.

Also grabbed these fall themed packs of twine, sequins, and glitter.  Again, have no immediate use for these but would rather have them on hand now that I can find them than find an idea that needs them and not have any.

And look!  I finally found the new 'everyday' washi tapes!  There were many more, but I only grabbed a few of my favorites for now, including the woodland creatures one that I'd been wanting.  It's actually not as cute as I'd though.  Oh well.  I do like a bunch of the other designs, but not sure if I'll grab them all or not.  I see myself using the seasonal and holiday ones more than the regular ones.

That's it for my Halloween and fall goodies this time.  I do have another haul of Christmas goodies coming, so keep an eye out for that.  (Yes, I did say Christmas . . . )


  1. I grabbed the glitter ghosts a while back and put them in the girls lunch boxes as a lunch time treat. If I would have saw cats I would have grabbed those instead. Sooooo... I think that means a Dollar Tree stop is called for.

    1. If you can even find them anymore! My store has most of the Halloween stuff stuffed into a smaller section now as the Christmas stuff starts to come out.