Monday, October 12, 2015

Haul - Serena Bee's Jeepers Creepers Paper Kit

I started watching Serena Bee on YouTube a few weeks ago, found her through a haul of some sort, and was instantly hooked.  Right around the time I'd stumbled across her channel, she'd just had the release of a crafting kit that she'd designed, and was about to release a scaled down version soon.  I was so intrigued because she'd designed stickers and stamps and made her own papers.  It was funny too, that the girl she'd worked with to create the stickers is the same girl I'd won a Target Dollar Spot giveaway from way back in the early part of this year.

So anyway, the paper kit was about to be released, there was only a limited amount available, and excitement was high.  Common sense and logic were not with me the morning of the release.  It was more like the excitement of a Rosegirls wax opening.  You know, keep refreshing the page than grab and go while you can!  LOL  I haven't even started the type of paper crafting I'm wanting to get into, but I ordered this gorgeous paper pack!

There are a variety of styles and sizes in here.  I'm going to hoard this set until I either get well into this new hobby and know I'll stick with it, or until I know I'm not going to do it and will then pass this on to someone more deserving.  But we can still take a look at it all, right?

These are 3x4 inch cards.  I think people call them journal cards.  I admit, I don't know what that means.  LOL

These are 4x4.  I love the one on the lower right.  The spiderwebs look like Halloween snowflakes.

These are 4x6.  My favorite here is the 'Boo!' one on the lower left.

A sheet of stickers designed by Serena Bee.

And these next several pics are closeups of the variety of 6x6 papers......

They're all so Halloween festive!  I really hope I can stick with this long enough to be good enough to actually find decent use for these.  They are on heavy, card-stock paper.  The quality is excellent.  Well, to my noobie eyes it is anyway.  I know Halloween is Serena's favorite time of year but I'm really curious to know if she'll be doing something like for Christmas.  This set was not cheap, not for someone used to shopping the deals and steals at Walmart and Dollar Tree.  Coming from Canada made it even pricier, with the cost of shipping being quite shocking.  But it is small business made, and I need to remind myself it's okay to support such things when you find something you like.

So yeah, laugh at me if you must (I know I am!) but I'm glad I got my hands on this limited edition set!


  1. Not laughing at all!!! Those hipster ghosts and cat outline stickers are so cute!!! Great haul and excitement. Card stock makes everything look and feel so nice. I can't wait to hear what you are thinking of doing with them. So many possibilities! I am excited for you Deb!

    1. I'm intimidated by these 'spensive pretties! I did consider using one of the sentiment stickers today though.