Monday, October 12, 2015

Haul - Walmart Halloween / Fall Craft Items

As mentioned in the previous haul post, I seem to be buying a ton of craft items but not doing anything crafty with them.  I'm just trying to build up a variety of things right now, and since we're right in the thick of fall-Halloween-Christmas items at the moment, I'm grabbing things as I see them.  It might not be until NEXT fall that I actually feel crafty enough to use these things, but at least I'll have them when I'm ready.

I'd also mentioned previously that I've never been one to pay much attention to ribbon before.  As I learn more about paper-crafts and see all the different things people use, I've now been noticing ribbon more.  And since it's hard to find fall things that aren't Halloween or Thanksgiving specific, I was glad to see these two fall ribbons at Walmart.  I think these were only $0.94 each.

I finally found more of this fall-ish looking washi tape!  These are in Walmart's scrapbook and stickers aisle, and are $0.97.

Remember the packs of blingy rhinestone stickers I got at Dollar Tree?  I found Halloween ones at Walmart.  You don't get nearly as many, but you do get various sizes.

Grabbed these little glitter glues.  I saw a video of someone creating gorgeous paper crafts and sort of smearing glitter glue with her finger for a very light shimmer.  Someday I might be that crafty.

Found these packs of craft paper over by the fabrics and crafts aisle!  They also had two or three packs of solid colors but I only grabbed the designed ones.  These are $3.97 each, and have 25 sheets in each pack.  I'll feel better about playing around and learning with these than I would about wasting my pricey Serena Bee paper pack.
See all those fun designs?  Ooooh, I hope I can be creative enough to make the types of cards and pages I see others doing!
I like that there is an envelope template on the back of one of the packages.  I'm saving this for sure!

And finally, my mom picked this out for me while we were shopping today.  They have Halloween soap dispensers in a center aisle display, and we both got a chuckle out of this black cat.  I already have two pumpkin dispensers for the fall season, but she insisted this was too cute to pass up.  I do think it will look cute by the kitchen sink.  I can't stand the scent of the soap inside it though.  It's like a super perfume-y berry type scent.  I'll probably dump that and maybe buy that Softsoap Spiced Tea soap I showed on Instagram, and put that in here instead.  Minion's influence is taking over the house!  You'll see my black cat shrine when I eventually do my Halloween decor post.

That's my Walmart haul for now.  I imagine I'll be picking up all kinds of little crafty things once more of the Christmas stuff starts coming out.


  1. Minion soap! Great idea about refilling with a yummier soap. Sometimes I can be short sighted about things like that. I used ribbon all the time in scrapbooking and card making. I liked to cut a short strip and fold it into a "v" and staple it on at the point.

    1. I ended up just dumping the pumpkin scented soap from the pumpkin shaped dispenser into the emptied out cat dispenser. Made more sense than buying one more soap.

      Do you have any of your old cards left? How long ago were you doing it?