Friday, October 2, 2015

Haul - Walmart Stickers

Since I've surprised myself by sticking with the daily journal attempts this time around, I'm finding I want to get into it a little more, like with fancier journals and pages, adding more stickers and embellishments and whatnot.  This might even be me heading back towards other paper crafts, something that keeps calling to me for whatever reason.  So while shopping this morning, I stocked up a bit on stickers and things.

You might remember these stickers from a recent haul.  I'd said I was kicking myself for not grabbing more, so today I grabbed another pack.

Since all of the Halloween and Thanksgiving things are out right now, that's what I focused on for today's stickers.  These are glow in the dark but I just got them because they are Halloween and I liked them more than most of the other options.

More Halloween ones.  I got these for the sake of variety, but I'm not overly in love with them.  Most of Walmart's Halloween stickers are puffy, googly eyes, or weird looking monster types.  I want more traditional types.

Got more leaves because these are different than the two packs I already have.  These are sort of holographic shimmery.

There aren't a lot of Thanksgiving stickers, so I grabbed these as soon as I saw them, no hesitation.  The scarecrow eyes are a little creepy, aren't they?

I've never really been interested in alphabet stickers until I started watching all the paper-crafting videos recently.  I'll be keeping an eye out for them now.  Today though, I grabbed these three to get started.  The black ones have a very subtle holographic shimmer to them.  The gold and silver are very glittery and nice.

I've never been into confetti much either until watching those videos.  I bought this pack to have on hand for future projects, should I actually get more into this.

These are called confetti on the package but I wouldn't consider them than.  These are quite big compared to what you normally think of confetti as.  I think they call these chipboard . . . ?  I'll hang onto these for future projects too, maybe use as embellishments, or maybe just use them in my journal for decoration.

Aren't these all so cute??
Do you use stickers or embellishments for anything crafty?


  1. Yep. The scarecrow eyes look a little.... Soul-less? But the rest are super cute. Glad the journaling is going well. I can't wait to try out my new planner/diary thing for next year. It may call for more stickers.

    1. Oooh, I'll be the crazy sticker lady by then! Or will you be getting those pink panties stickers from Etsy....... lol