Thursday, October 1, 2015

Melted - BH&G / Autumn Afternoon Stroll

Autumn Afternoon Stroll featuring Golden Oak Leaves, and Apples & Acorns
[no scent description]

I bought this knowing I might not like it, but for blogging purposes anyway.  I'm pretty sure the Golden Oak Leaves part of this combo is the same as Crisp Autumn Leaves, which I don't like.  I thought the Apples & Acorns part might add enough to it to make it likable for me, but nope.  I probably should have saved myself the trouble and only melted the Apples & Acorns cubes.  The thing that kills the Leaves scent is the strong pine note.  I used to think there was musk too but this year it's striking me as just strong pine.  And it is strong!  It doesn't strike me as a Christmas pine scent though, so there must be other elements to it.  I do get a slight woody or resin type note.  I can't even say for sure what the Apples & Acorns part smelled like on it's own.  It's so much lighter than the pine leaves side.  Sniffing the empty clamshell as I write this, there is a light apple note, and a hint of something almost peppery.

I melted two cubes from each side, combined in my Glade hot plate warmer and had super strong scent.  It would have been fabulous being this strong if it had been a scent I actually liked.  With this one though, I had to turn the warmer off after only about an hour.

I'll have to remember to skip this one next fall.

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