Friday, October 9, 2015

Melted - Dessa's Homespun Scents / Apple Pumpkin Streusel

Apple Pumpkin Streusel - 'Hot piping homemade apple pie blended with Pumpkin Ginger Streusel. Sweet and delicious! A Homespun Original House Blend.'

 This was very nice.  You get the juicy apple note but it's toned down and warmed by the soft spices and creamy pumpkin notes.  It does lean more towards bakery than fruity, but I don't get any distinct bakery note like crust or topping.  A good scent for the middle days of fall, when heavier pumpkin scents are starting to take over.

I melted this 1.4 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium scent.


  1. Mmmm! This one I might like! Glad it threw decently.

    1. This really was nice. A fun, sort of in-between scent. You mentioned the Mainstays apple-pumpkin was too sweet for you. I think this is a warmer.