Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Melted - Lasting Scent Candles / Apple Snap

Apple Snap - '(LSC Original Mix) Delicious crisp apples, tart cranberries and all those yummy warm spices. This is such a warm and inviting fall aroma.'

 You might think this is just a simple apple scent if you're not really paying attention.  There IS a bit of cranberry tartness in there though, along with just slight hint of warming spice.  This is a sweet, juicy scent.  I thought it would be more warm and spicy.  This is nice for later summer or early fall, when all the apple scents start coming out.

I melted this whole tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had strong scent.


  1. My review of this is getting posted tomorrow. But I pretty much feel the same exact way about it as you do. It was such a nice sent. I got a decent throw from it too.

    1. It was a nice change after so many heavier, spicier scents and so many pumpkin duds.