Sunday, October 25, 2015

Melted - Scentsationals / Pumpkin Berry Twist

Pumpkin Berry Twist - [no scent description]

This was a nice enough scent but didn't strike me as fall or pumpkin-y at all.  The easiest way to describe this is: a toned down Fruit Loops scent.  Seriously!  For some reason, there is that cereal grain note in here.  Maybe that is the pumpkin?!  There is a brighter note too, some sweetness that might be cranberries.  If you don't like the heavy, warm, pumpkin scents for fall, this might be one to consider.

I melted two cubes of this in my tea light warmer and had awesomely strong scent with far reaching throw.  I could even detect light traces of this later in the day, many hours after this had been melted and cooled.

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