Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Wax At Walmart - American Home (by Yankee Candle)

I'd recently noticed a new line of candles at Walmart,  very predominantly displayed in the fall/seasonal section at the front of the store.  It is the American Home line, by Yankee Candle.  Yankee at Walmart?!  What the . . . ?  I haven't fully explored this new option much because we already have plenty of candles for fall.

WELL!  Imagine my surprise when I was in the store today and saw WAX MELTS by this new American Home / Yankee Candle line?!  And they were Christmas scents!!!!
(I did not go in the fall section at the front of the store this time, so I don't know if they had fall scented tarts over there.)

  • Merry Cherry
  • Sweet & Salty Caramel
  • Holiday Spice Cake
  •  Winter Morning
  • Sage & Red Berry
  • Sparkling Cinnamon Spice
  •  Banana Walnut Bread
  • Delicious Cranberry
  • Santa's Treat
  •  Fresh Balsam Fir
  • Moonlit Night
The only one I bought today was Delicious Cranberry, because you know I'm always on the hunt for the perfect cranberry spice scent.  This one is not quite perfect but it's better than a lot of the others I always come across.  The other one that really stood out to me was the Sweet & Salty Caramel.  It was sweet and warm and gooey, without a harsh salty note.  I might need to grab that one next time.  I didn't spend too much time sniffing the others but I do remember Moonlit Night is one of those cologne-y types that I'm not fond of.

These are 2.6 oz. packages (6 cubes) and sell for $3.93.  I also so 4 oz. candles for $4.93, 1-wick 19 oz. jar candles for $14.93, and 2-wick 19 oz. tumblers for $14.93.  My interest lies in the tarts and the 4 oz. candles.  I'm bummed there wasn't any minty scent.  I can't wait to see how the pack I bought performs!

Have you seen these tarts at your Walmart?
Does that fact that these are Yankee intrigue you at all?
Have you already tried them???


  1. Gah! Sage and Red Berry and the Balsam one are calling to me. I am so excited to hear how your cranberry one performs!

    1. I think I might grab the caramel one next time I'm shopping, but for the other holiday scents, I'm *trying* to hold off until the BH&G / Scentsationals line comes out. Hopefully your store has these so you can do some sniffing! =)


    2. Sadly the sweet and salty caramel doesn't have a too much scent throw for the price! You need at least 2 cubes of wax to smell it melted 😢

    3. That's a bummer. I haven't even seen ANY wax from this brand since Christmas clearance.