Sunday, October 11, 2015

Oct. 11 - Best Buy Can SUCK IT

UGH!  The day I've had.  Casey's phone died.  Totally dead.  None of the tips or tricks online help.  So we drive 20 miles to town, to Best Buy, where we got it.  The bitchy little inconvenienced sales girl couldn't be bothered to do anything.  She said there was nothing they could do, in a tone like I was mental, and said she couldn't even activate Casey's old phone cuz it might change our plan or something.  Wtf?  When we got Ty's phone, and again when we got mine and Casey's phones, they were able to do all of the plan changing, etc. right there in the store.

So I snatched my stuff back and we walked out.  Oh, her advice had been "Go to the Verizon store," with an attitude filled shrug.  I was so pissed and frustrated at HER that I had a little crying fit in the car.  Then we went to Target, where I settled down a bit when I found the three.....THREE.....different washi tapes in the Dollar Spot.

There is a Verizon store right outside our Target so we did go there next.  They said they couldn't do anything either, but at least they were nice and TRIED.  They said it's still in the 2yr contract but out of warranty, so we should contact Samsung to see if there is anything we can do.  They said we couldn't activate Casey's old (ancient) phone because it was pre-Verizon but I could activate *my* old phone with his number.  AND I CAN DO THAT MYSELF AT HOME.  Hello, Best Buy bitch.  I'm looking at you.

So we drive 20 miles back home, where I get on the computer and go to the Samsung website.  I find the live chat option and a very lovely support person helps me.  He/she (can't tell by the name) said the phone IS still in warranty and that I can send it back to Samsung for free.  If they determine the phone is defective, we'll get a new one.  If it's damaged, they'll contact us and see how we want to proceed.  It has to be sent UPS though, and of course the nearest drop off site is, yes, 20 miles back to town, in the mall right next to Best Buy.

I get that dang phone all packaged up and race back to town before the mall closes.  Since tomorrow is Columbus Day and then I work Tuesday and Wednesday, I really wanted to get it dropped off today.

Then I come back home and dig out my old phone so I can try and activate with Casey's number so he'll at least have a phone for the next couple weeks.  I dial the number the Verizon dude told me, and I start answering the questions, but when it comes to entering the password for the tells me everything I enter is wrong.  Well, of course it is.  Why should anything be easy for me?!  So I've given up on that for now.  He'll just have to be an underprivileged '80s kid and learn to entertain himself with other things for a couple weeks.

And now, at 3:30pm, I can finally sit down and waste some weekend time on myself.


  1. Ugh! What a horrible day :( I loathe Best Buy. So many bad experiences, I refuse to shop there anymore.

    On the bright side: new washi! :D Hugs!

    1. I've had mixed results at Best Buy. There have been rare occasions when I'll get someone really helpful and knowledgeable, but more often it's been someone of no more help than what I could figure out on my own.

      Best Buy is closing several stores and this particular one I go to is one of them. I never really went there much anyway, but we did buy our last few computers from there.

      New washi makes everything better these days! And I got more today! I think I have a washi problem......