Friday, October 16, 2015

Oct. 16 - Balmy Natters

Hello!  It's definitely fall here now.  Look how tan that corn field is.  The trees are kinda weird this year.  A lot of them seem to be dropping their leaves early, before we get the full effect of the color change.  And then there are the trees who seem in no hurry to get colorful.  But still, that fall dryness is here, the temps are dipping more and more, and we have our first Hard Freeze Warning for tonight.  Our daytime temps today are not going to get over mid-40s.  It's sunny though, and crisp, and glorious.

So what's up?  I almost gave up on my crafting ideas . . . again.  I *did* give up on the digital stamp part of it all.  I did buy a set from an Etsy shop yesterday, only $0.99, just to play around.  I found that idea is just not for me.  The time and money you have to put into a high end printer and alcohol markers make it a no-go for me right now.  When I gave up on that in angry frustration last night, I felt sure I was giving up on the whole dang craft idea, and I felt hugely relieved about it.  But during then night, one of the many times I was awake, I was laying there thinking about it all, wondering what the heck to do with all the stuff I've recently accumulated.  And then while shopping this morning I had tried to avoid all the craft supply areas but myself looking at the papers and cardstock.  I debated with myself for the longest time, strongly advising myself that I was done and I was NOT going to put anymore money into this.  Then the other side of me was like, well maybe just a pack of fall colored paper so I can at least make a few cards to use of the things I have.  UGH!!!  I did buy one pack of browns/grays papers, and did sit down at the table with all my things spread out, and decided that no, I'm not quite ready to give up on ALL of it.  The digital stamp and hand coloring part of it is done though, over, out, quitty quit quitter.

I'd seen an ad in one of my mom's magazines earlier this week, showing that there are apparently new Burt's Bees lip balm flavors.  Say whaaaat?  They've really been expanding their line of lip balms lately!  So when I was shopping this morning it was on my list to check for these new ones.  I found one, not the other, and something else completely new.  Hanging on and endcap display was limited edition CARAMEL APPLE lip balm!  Why hadn't I known about this one earlier in the season?  Or maybe they just recently came out?  And then I did find the Coconut & Pear, one of the two I'd originally been looking for.  I did not see the Mint Cocoa, or Cocoa Mint, or whatever it's called.  I'm going to keep my eye out for that one.  Maybe it'll be out closer to winter?  Anyway, I have not tried either of these yet but they sure do smell yummy.

What else is happening?  Well, Lynx (aka Fattycat) is coming along nicely on his thyroid medicine.  He's definitely gaining weight now and looking so much better.  He's still whiny, and still sleeps a lot, but that's normal for him.  We're glad to see the weight coming back though!  Minion is Minion.  He's still the little trouble maker, always getting into something.  I'm not sure yet if switching the kitty litter has made any difference.  I mean, it does take a while to grow hair back.  It *maybe* seems like he's not itching and licking as much but I'm not sure.  I'll give it a couple more weeks and see how his heels are looking.
You can see his bald heels in this pic.  (He's crawling up Casey's chest, if you're wondering what the heck is going on.  lol)

Speaking of Casey, remember the drama with his phone?  Well, we did send it to Samsung.  They replaced several things and it's on it's way back home now, all for free.  *phew*

I should probably go write my book review post now.

How have you all been?  Are you getting excited for Halloween?

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