Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Won It - Jeanie Louise / YouTube Prize

I started watching Jeanie Louise on YouTube recently.  She does hauls and crafty things, and is such a bubbly lady.  I liked her even more after finding out she's a Vikings fan, and mentions them in her videos.  That's such a kick for me.  Anyway, she's been having small giveaways recently as her subscriber numbers climb at a rapid pace, and I won the 100 Subbie Giveaway.  Yay!

I received these two sheets of stickers, one being Halloween and the other being owls.  Love them.

Also received these three fun little packs of Halloween stickers.  These are just small, meant to be party favors or trick-or-treat treats.  They're really cute though, and even the boxes can be trimmed down to use the images in card making.  Since I don't have any fancy punches or die cuts yet, I have been saving images from packaging.

I received this Christmas washi tape that comes on a dispenser.  I don't have any of these dispenser types yet.  Well, I didn't before this one anyway.  This would look awesome on Christmas card envelopes.

I've never bought any of these decorative packing tapes either.  Now I have this cute animal print one.

Received this cute pair of Breast Cancer Awareness socks.  They look kinda small for my big feet, but we'll see.

I received these two beauty products.  You all know I'm not into makeup or things like that.  I'll probably pass the lip product on to someone else but I might actually try the black-n-sparkles nail polishes for Halloween.

I laughed so soooooo hard when I saw this in the box!  It's a Vikings tape dispenser!  I'd seen her haul one of these in a video and she'd mentioned getting more for Christmas presents.  So yes, I was absolutely thrilled to see she'd included one in my prize.  Skol, Jeanie!!

And can we take a look at this card for a moment?  She made this.  How awesome is that?  And quite simple too!  Some of the paper crafts and cards I've been seeing from others on YouTube have been much more complex and that keeps overwhelming me.  Seeing this has given me a bit of faith that I *can* do this.  
Of course there are still some supplies and tools I need to get.  Like the edge smudger stuff all the people that I watch use.  I'm not sure if I want to get into stamps.  I'm kicking myself for getting rid of all of them that I had before.  But anyway, this card is so gorgeous, yet still looks fairly easy to make.  I'm inspired!!

So thank you, Jeanie, for all the goodies, and for all of your fun videos.  Your bubbly personality and positive attitude are such a joy to watch.


  1. How cool!!! Congrats! And that Vikings tape dispenser. So neat.

    1. The tape dispenser still cracks me up. I'd seen someone in Texas haul a Houston Texans one before I ever saw this Vikings one hauled. I'd wondered at the time if all teams had one, and then got bummed because I knew I'd only see the Packers around here. So getting this was so sooo funny!