Saturday, November 7, 2015

Better Homes & Gardens 2015 Christmas Scents

The Christmas wax hit my Walmart earlier this week.  I'd seen a video on YouTube just before I saw them in my store, so I was already aware of what this year's lineup would be.  Still, it was a rush of excitement to then see them at my store.

First, a list of the 2015 Christmas/winter scents.
  • Iced Winter Cranberry
  • Candied Mulberry Spice
  • Spicy Cinnamon Stick
  • Christmas Morning Latte
  • White Cranberry Amaryllis
  • Pomander and Pinecones
  • Frosted Honey Cake
  • Cranberry Apple Martini
  • Gourmet Cookie Shop
  • Fresh Cut Frasier
  • Sparkling Berry Garland
  • A Wonderful Winter
  • Twinkling Holiday Lights
  • Snowy Winter Woods
  • Frosty Winter Nights
  • Warm Crackling Campfire
  • All That Glitters
I did not actually see All That Glitters at my store, but since it was shown in that video I saw, I know it's out there.  There were also a lot of 'everyday' scents in the Christmas wax section, things like Soft Cashmere Amber, Pure White Woods, Wildberry Cheesecake, and other sweet dessert types.  Not sure why those would suddenly be restocked with holiday things.

 I must say, I'm quite disappointed with the Christmas line again this year.  I think is the third year in a row that they've gone for more of a bland, generic holiday blend lineup.  Where is the variety of years past?  Things like gingerbread and eggnog and mint?  Most of these this year are just returning scents from last year.  And the ones that are new . . . ?  They might just be renamed old scents.  I am not interested enough to do the research to find out.

So yeah, I only bought two, as you see in the picture at the beginning of the post.

A Wonderful Winter - [no scent description]
I usually don't go for the outdoorsy winter scents because they're ozone-y or cologne-y.  This one is interesting though.  I've heard it described as cinnamon-apple and eucalyptus.  Without telling hubby anything about it, I had him sniff it and he mentioned "a slight cinnamon-apple scent in there."  I had to sniff it a few times before I could really pinpoint that but yeah, it is in there.  It is not in any way a fall scent though.  I thought there was mint, but I guess it's probably the eucalyptus.  It's like a sweet, chilly scent with just a tiny hint of warmth to give it some depth.  

Christmas Morning Latte - [no scent description]
I had this last year.  I might even have an extra pack left over from then.  It looks like a peppermint stick in a nice creamy drink on the cover, but I swear there is an eggnog note in here.  Is there peppermint eggnog?  I don't even know.  There is a little bit of the familiar coffee note in this but there is so much more creaminess and eggnogginess.

I debated whether or not to even do this post because it's so boring and I'm not offering much information.  I guess though, if you remember last year's scents you'll be familiar with this year's offerings.  There was nothing from Scentsationals available yet at my Walmart.  Those usually show up separately, so I'll be keeping an eye out for those.

Have you seen the 2015 Christmas scents at your store?
Which ones are you excited for?


  1. A wonderful winter looks cool. Those notes appeal to me.

    1. Have you sniffed these at your Walmart yet? Let me know if I need to grab any for you. =)


  2. Spicy Cinnamon Stick! Pomander and Pinecones! A Wonderful Winter! All That Glitters! I wonder what glitter smells like??! ;)

    1. I dare you to stick your nose in a packet of glitter and find out. LOL

      I need to get a shopping day when I'm not rushed, so I can actually take time and properly sniff-study these. Maybe I'll end up buying a couple more. I'm so ready to get going on my Christmas scents already!