Sunday, November 1, 2015

Haul - 719 Walnut Avenue / Winter Candles

You know I am a fan of the 719 Walnut Avenue candles, found at Walmart.  I had several of the fall scents this year, and was very excited to see the winter scents start showing up on my store's shelves.  These are the four I've seen so far, and I grabbed each one without hesitation.  The basics for Christmas are covered for me here, so unless they come out with an egg nog or gingerbread one, I think I have all I'm going to buy for this winter.

(If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen these.)

Cranberry Ice - 'Crisp cranberries in cool snow evoke a tart and bright fruity aroma.'
I tend to think of cranberry as a Thanksgiving scent so this will probably be the first one we burn, starting right around Thanksgiving day.  It's a tart cranberry scent, sweet but not the overly perfume-y type that cranberry can sometimes be if there is no spice.  There is a sugary note, and *maybe* just the slightly hint of a light mint . . . ?

Crisp Evergreen - 'A walk through a clean, crisp forest of fragrant balsams and pines.'
I love a whiff of pine scent during the Christmas season, but I can only take it in small, light doses.  We have an artificial tree so it's nice to have something to imply that tall green Minion magnet is real.  Since these candles tend to put out a mellower scent, I'm hoping I'll be okay with a whole candle of this scent.  It's just a typical, lovely Christmas tree scent.

Warm Sugar Cookies - 'A wonderfully rich aroma of buttery sweet cookies straight out of the oven.'
Ohhhh, this is gooood.  It's so warm and cozy, a deep, rich sugar cookie scent.  Vanilla heavy, it really does bring to mind those yummy cut out cookies, still warm, pre-frosting.  An excellent chilly day scent.
Peppermint Twist - 'An invigorating blend of frosty peppermint and warm spice.'
I am in Christmas heaven with this one.  My ideal Christmas scent, the one that always jolts my mind into thoughts of Christmas, is a softly sweet vanilla-mint, and this is it.  Don't let the mention of spice in the description fool you.  I just get a glorious peppermint scent that is softened and slightly creamy.  Lordee, I might need to grab more of these, it's THAT good.

719 Walnut Avenue candles can be found at Walmart, but not in the regular candles and tarts aisle.  This is why many people miss them.  Instead, they are over in the cleaning supplies aisle, by the Glade and Febreze products.  They 14 oz., 3-wick candles, and sell for $4.93.  I've always had very good luck with these.  Some scents are stronger than others, as with any brand, but they do throw quite well.  They burn quite well too.  We've rarely had any tunneling problems, and if there is a minor case, it seems to self-correct over time anyway.  So yes, I highly recommend these candles.

Have you tried the 719 Walnut Avenue candles?
Have you seen other winter scents, beside these four that I have?


  1. Warm Sugar Cookies is a definite repeat buy for me, super-cozy/comforting fall fragrance. Peppermint Twist smells great but the throw is very light. Probably not a repeat buy for me as I'll opt for the powerful peppermint punch of BBW's Twisted Peppermint. Cranberry Ice is a repeat from last year; as I recall it had a solid medium throw and was well worth a re-purchase! FYI those Kohl's candles I keep raving about? They just came out with Egg Nog and a Gingerbread scent. They are both on order and I'll be reporting back! Have both fragrances in wax melts and they are fantastic!!

    1. I just hope I can burn these, that my kitty isn't really sensitive to my smellies. *sigh*

      I'm pretty sure I have some left over gingerbread and eggnog scents in tart form from last year. I had also planned on ordering the eggnog that Sweet Fixations has.


  2. Replies
    1. They smell amazing too. Well, on cold sniff at least, so far. lol


  3. Nice holiday candle haul! I hope they all low you outta the water. I am about to burn the cinnamon caramel roll one you nabbed me.

    1. They've put more of those Cinnamon Caramel Roll candles out at my store now. Maybe like the last of the inventory as the season winds down. There was someone in comments on another post looking for that scent, so I hope they're rechecking their store!

      It was so funny when I was showing hubby these. He had his face in the pine one, I had mine in the mint one, and we're sitting on the couch going "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." lol