Friday, November 27, 2015

Haul - Sweet Fixations / Christmas Scents

(Apologies for the lackluster photos.  It's a gray, rainy day here, and lighting is bleah.)

When I saw that Sweet Fixations had added Jack Frost to the scent list, I decided to place an order for some Christmas scents.  I didn't want to go too crazy because it's really just the basics that I crave for this holiday.  Give me some candy cane, eggnog, gingerbread, and a bit of pine, and I'm happy.

Jack Frost - 'A wonderful blend of vanilla beans and mint! Great for the holidays or year round!'
I love sweet, soft mint scents like this for Christmas!  This is creamy and mellow, the peppermint being the main note but softened quite a bit.
Candy Cane - 'Sweet cool mint candy. Great holiday scent.'
I was a bit surprised to find I like this one more than the Jack Frost.  The peppermint is sharper in this one, but there is still a bit of vanilla or something holding it back.

Peppermint Cocoa - '(SF Blend)- Delicious hot cocoa topped with crushed candy canes.'
 I just had to try this one because I'm a fan of Badger State Cocoa (from Rosegirls) while all my waxy bloggy friends consider that 'the stinky badger.'  There is a chocolate note in here but the peppermint makes it such a fun Christmas scent.

Gingerbread - 'Richly spiced gingerbread, nutmeg, and clove with just the right hint of sweetness.'
Just a typical gingerbread scent.  This is the spicier version, not the sweeter cookie type.
Spiked Eggnog - 'A yummy holiday drink with vanilla, rum, and nutmeg!'
I really like this.  The 'spiked' adds such a warmth to it.
Almond Rum Eggnog - '(SF Blend)- Frothy and creamy eggnog with a dash of almond and rum.'
 I thought I'd try a bunch of different eggnog scents, just to see how I liked them.  I'm actually not fond of this one.  The almond note is strong.  I'm usually okay with almond but with that added eggnog note it's just not a scent I prefer.  It reminds me of Playdoh.  Hubby says he likes it though.

Butterscotch Eggnog - '(SF Blend)- Buttery butterscotch and creamy holiday eggnog.'
This one, on the other hand, I love.  It's a deep, sweet butterscotch scent with those tell-tale eggnog notes mixed in.  Mmmm.

Vanilla Bean Eggnog - '(SF Blend)- Sweet and creamy eggnog and vanilla bean noel.'
I don't get much eggnog in this, if any.  The Vanilla Bean Noel is strong and beautiful, and that's okay with me.

Elf Sweat - 'Magical, bubbly blend of candy canes, candy corn, and sugary syrup.'
This scent has been around forever, even back in my soap days, but I don't know if I've ever had it.  The mention of candy canes is what made me toss it into my cart this time.  Sadly, there is not enough candy cane to notice and nothing about this strikes me as Christmas-y.  I suppose it would be an okay scent for spring or summer.  It's very sweet, reminding me almost of 7Up for some reason.

Jinglebell Rock - '(SF Blend)- Holiday Gingerbread Cookies and a cup of Eggnog!'
 I don't know if I've ever had this scent, and since I was trying all things eggnog I decided to try this too.  I'm really curious to see how this melts because right now on cold sniff the gingerbread and the eggnog are each there, each doing battle to be the dominant note.  This one will be fun.

Sleigh Bells - 'Fruity blend of berries, strawberry, grape and sweet peaches. Great for any time of the year!'
I passed on this while shopping because there is nothing Christmas-y in the description.  I chuckled a bit when I saw it was included as a freebie.  Again, a nice enough scent for summer or something because it's very candy-fruity-sweet, but absolutely nothing Christmas-y about it.

Pumpkin Pie - 'A warm and scrumptious blend of pumpkin pie filling, spices, and sweet creamy vanilla.'
I smiled to see this was my other freebie.  It will be tucked away in my fall leftovers stash, waiting patiently for next fall.  This is not spicy.  It's a strangely bright pumpkin scent.  Maybe the candy sweetness of those others mingled with this in shipping.  We'll see how it is next fall.

I placed my order on Friday, November 13, and received the package on Wednesday, November 25.  Not a bad TAT in this world of 6+ months TAT from hard to order from vendors.  The scent shots are 1.7 and 1.8 oz. and cost $1.75 each.  Shipping is charged separately, when the order is ready to ship.  I paid $5.95, and my order came nicely wrapped and packed in a padded envelope within another padded envelope.

I'm looking forward to melting these!
Have you ordered from Sweet Fixations lately?


  1. Great scents! You found a nice variety of eggnogs and gingerbread. I was hoping you would. I think candy cane sounds like my favorite. Elf Sweat reminds me of 7-Up/Sprite too but like in a punch.

    1. Agreed on Elf Sweat = 7Up punch.

      I can't wait to melt that Candy Cane one! I'm working through some early season less favorite ones first though.