Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Haul - Target / Dollar Spot Misc.

I've been keeping a close eye on haul videos the past several days, waiting for Christmas things to start showing up at Target's Dollar Spot.  They started rolling this stuff out November 1 from what I can tell, and the more little things I saw in videos, the more I wanted to get there and see for myself.  Today was the day and oh my gosh!  Just . . . oh. my. gosh.

First off, they've changed the Dollar Spot area in my store.  I'm pretty sure my store's Dollar Spot is on the small side from what I've seen of other places online.  Everything used to be in bins and part of the fun was the digging to find treasures.  Of course this was also a pain in the butt.  Well, they've now put a lot of things on hooks!  Things like the pens, journals, note cards are all hung up now, making browsing so much easier.  The whole area seems lower though.  The top row is the hooks and some bins, and below is still all bins.  With things seems lower and sort of crowded now, it doesn't make it easy to really search through what's down there on the bottom.

They've also added $5.00 and $7.00 items to the Dollar Spot.  I kinda don't like that.  You have to really watch what you're buying now, knowing that there might be less things for only $1.00.  Still, I had a lot of fun going through everything.  There is a bit of a panicky 'Gotta have it!' mentality at first, and I was grabbing all the fabulous things I'd seen online, automatically throwing the things into my basket so I could take my time and decide a bit later if I really wanted them.  This prevents someone else from grabbing that thing you're trying to decide about.  LOL

They had several different Christmas designs of these every popular little metal buckets.  I wanted one to serve as my winter season pencil cup and was happy to have found this pattern.

They had a few different styles of lights.  I liked these round ones in red, green, and white.  There are ten lights on a six foot string, and these are the battery operated ones that I prefer so I don't have to worry about being near an outlet.  They also had traditional Christmas light bulb shaped ones in red, green, and white, and well as the bulb shaped ones in more 'fun' color like pink, blue, silver.  I think they had these round ones in those colors too.  I'm more traditional though, and don't want pink and teal in my Christmas themes.  I might get more of these if they're still around next time I'm back there.  I wish they'd had just white, blue, silver ones, because that would be an awesome winter theme, not just Christmas.

They have SO MANY styles of gift tags right now!  I had probably ten different packs in my basket at one point but then narrowed it down to just these.  There are eight in each pack.  They had so many different types, some cute, some elegant.  There are some red ones with a Christmas tree punched out, and then that tree is like a someone 3D embellishment next to where the cut-out is.  They also had white ones like this, with a snowflake instead of a tree.  There were kraft and gold ones.  There were black, red, and white ones.  There were just so many!

There are tons of gift bags too, in various sizes.  They even have packs of gift boxes.  They have packs of Christmas cards, gift card holders, money holder cards.

There are a lot of stickers but this is the only one I got.  They are banner stickers that actually are attached to red and white twine.  I'm going to use these in my journal across the tops of pages close to Christmas.

They has a variety of other types like some puffy ones, some glittery foam ones, and of course the sticker books.  I'd thought I would be getting one or two of the sticker books after seeing people haul them online but when I took the time to actually look through them, I decided there were a lot in there that I probably wouldn't have used.  There is one with some super cute Christmas-y animals though!  Like foxes, polar bears, deer, and whatnot.  I really debated about that one!
There were some things I did not see in my store that I'd been hoping to find, like certain stickers, holiday pillows, and page flags.  They've changed the page flags apparently.  You used to always get five different colors.  The ones I've seen for this release are wider, and you only get three.  There was another, different styled pack that I was looking for though.  It had longer, narrow flags. and I think there about five designs, all in fun Christmas things like Santa, snowman, candy cane, etc..  I don't use a planner so I don't really use page flags, but those longer ones were so festively fun looking that I thought I could use them in my journal, like for date headers on pages or something.  I'll have to keep an eye out for those.
I eventually forced myself away from the Dollar Spot and wandered around the rest of the store.  I wanted to check the Halloween clearance section at the back of the store, and found they'd taken every leftover thing from previous Dollar Spot releases and dumped it all back there with the Halloween sales. 

I got this 2-pack of gift bags back in the clearance section for $0.50.  My supervisor and his wife are expecting their first baby any minute now, so I needed a cutesy little bag for the gift I got them.

Remember when I showed this very early in the Halloween season?!  (It might have been on Instagram.)  I couldn't believe I found this in the 70% of section.  70% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I paid only $6.00 for this gorgeousness!  Oh my gosh, I just love this thing.  I have no clue where I'll hang it next year.  I want it to go outside by the door but I'd be afraid the wind would smack it around and break all the ball ornaments.  I guess it might go over the buffet instead.  But yeah, 70% off!

This was not on sale but it was cute and still only $3.00.  I was just thinking yesterday when I got my Thanksgiving things out, that I need something for one spot in the living room, above that corner shelf.  I'm going to try this there.  It might be too big for that area though.  It's just under twelve inches across.

These weren't on sale either but I couldn't resist because you just don't find a lot of Thanksgiving things around.  These are felt stickers, and there are two sheets.  How cute?!  Turkey, corn, PIE, squirrel.  So cute.

And then these regular stickers, also not on sale, also a must-have simply because they are actually Thanksgiving related.  There are four sheets in this pack.

I also saw these super cute felt Christmas stickers but did not get them.  Yet.

And these absolutely adorable 3D nativity stickers!  I didn't get these (yet) either.  I do love them though.  They might find their way home with me at some point.

And finally, bought myself this new book.  I'm really enjoying the one I'm currently reading, and I think a huge part of it is because it's not part of a series.  I really think I need to read some stand-alone novels for a while because I tend to get bored and frustrated when a series doesn't go the way I expect.  I really don't know much about this one.  It says 'Based on the YouTube web series phenomenon.'  I don't know anything about that and don't want to check into that until I'm finished reading this.  I'm excited though.  The one I'm just about finished with is also about a haunting.
 While continuing to browse the book area, I came across this.  You know how adult coloring books are becoming more popular?  They're supposed to be stress relievers, and I do want some.  Well this particular one made me chuckle and I know at least one other person who would get a kick out of this.  It's a Game of Thrones adult coloring book!

(And by adult coloring book, I mean complex designs.  Not porn.  lol)

That was my fun at Target today.  On top of all the sales and deals, I also saved 5% by using my Target RedCard.  I do feel a little guilty because I'm *supposed* to be watching our spending for a while.  I couldn't help it though!

Have you checked out the new Christmas items at the Target Dollar Spot?
What are you hoping to find?

(This is not a sponsored post.  All items were bought with my own money.)


  1. Ha hahahaa!!!! I was *wondering* if Little Finger's brothel would be featured in the coloring book! Too cool though. I am planning a Target run tomorrow and will flip through it if I find it. DEB! That wreath! What a steal!!!! And I need all the lights. Yes please. Wish me luck!

    1. Did you find the book? Is the brothel in there?

      I'm really wanting more lights. I'm probably heading to town with my mom today, so maybe I'll stop and grab more. I've also seen a super cute reindeer pillow in a video and I've decided I need it.