Saturday, November 21, 2015

Haul - Walmart / A Few Christmas Things

Picked up a few Christmas things while shopping at Walmart this morning.  Today's shopping was mainly about Thanksgiving prep, but I had to grab these few things before they were gone.  Next week though, full Christmas shopping mode!

We've really been loving fake tea lights in votive holders this fall.  We have orange ones that are fine for Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I decided to get these red ones for the Christmas season.  I might pick up a pack of silver glittery ones for after Christmas, through the rest of winter.

Do you remember earlier this year when I was whining about not being able to find bags of bows in everyday colors?  I saw these tiny bows in a bunch of not-necessarily-Christmas colors and grabbed a pack.  I forgot to go back around to the aisle with the bags of big bows to see what they have.  Next time . . . 

My mom loves cardinals and has cardinal everything.  She really doesn't need or room for any more but this ornament was so different.  I just couldn't resist.

They haven't restocked that booklet of gift tags that I really want, so I figured I better grab something else that I like before I'm forced to settle on something I wouldn't have picked otherwise.  These are very traditional, and have some glittery accents.  I quite like them.

These are supposed to be reusable wall decorations.  I'll probably just put them on the fridge though.  They're much more sparkly than the picture shows.  I'm in a bit of a Noel theme this year, I think.  Remember the pillow from Target?

Got these stickers with my journal in mind.  There were several other designs but these were my favorites.

I was so excited to see they had Christmas washi tapes!  My store never did get all the really cool Halloween ones I saw everyone hauling.  Well, my excitement for these quickly died when I saw how boring the designs were.  I don't know if they're trying to do a Starbucks kind of politically correct thing or what, but the 14 different designs I saw were mainly just 'How many ways can we do red and green stripes?'  This one was the only one that caught any of my interest.

And that's it.
Have you been buying any fun little holiday things yet?


  1. Cute haul! That Cardinal is adorable. I stopped at Dollar Tree and scored Christmas lights but didn't see much else. I did order some wrapping paper from a neighbor girl raising money for cheerleading. Maybe I could get some of those cardinals and tape them to the gift. How much were they?

    1. The cardinal was $1.94. It's pretty big though, about 5x3 inches.

      I haven't been to Dollar Tree in a couple weeks now. I'm going to go back after I have my Christmas decorations out, to see if I have any gaps that need shiny new things. hehe