Saturday, November 28, 2015

Haul - Walmart / A Few More Christmas Things

Picked up a few more Christmas things while shopping this morning.  Now that it's after Thanksgiving, it's full steam ahead on all things Christmas!  So anyway, we needed more tissues so I grabbed these somewhat Christmas-y designs.  I almost paid the much higher price for Kleenex brand in their festive designs until I saw these.

I never knew, until very late in the season last year, that these types of fancy letters were supposed to be Christmas stocking initials.  Duh me!  I thought they were ornaments or something.  Well, by the time I figured it out last year all the letters were picked over and I was only able to find T and D.  So today I grabbed C and K, and now we'll remember who's stocking is who's.  (We have two green ones, two red ones.)

Grabbed more stickers, of course.  These are so dang cute.  There are twelve sheets in a pack, three sheets each of these four designs.  I'll use them in my journal for sure, but maybe also some on Christmas cards.

Not sure how much gift wrapping we'll be doing this year since everyone seems to be asking for gift cards for everything, but I grabbed these two rolls of paper just in case.

I really enjoyed that Thanksgiving canvas I hauled a while ago, so I got myself a Christmas one.  There was another one I really wanted too, but I only grabbed this one for now.  The other one is sort of cream and gold colors, and would go nicely with the lighter colored theme I seem to be growing fond of this year.  Too bad I don't have more things to really carry that theme throughout the house.

I also really enjoyed putting pumpkin spice marshmallows in my hot cocoa throughout November, so when I saw these gingerbread flavored marshmallows I just had to grab a bag.

And of course I had to have peppermint marshmallows for my cocoa too.  I had these last year and they really do add quite a mint flavor to hot chocolate!  Actually, I found these at Target.  My Walmart did not have any yet.

I also got started on Christmas shopping, mainly little stocking stuffer type things for now.  You know, grab them while you see them because they'll be gone if you wait.  I suppose I could have included them in this post since my menfolk don't read this blog.  Oh well, maybe I'll put them in a different post if anyone is interested.

Have you started Christmas shopping?  Are you a Black Friday shopper?  An online shopper, or a physically get out there and do it shopper?


  1. The stocking initials are a great idea! Mmmmm peppermint marshmallows. One of my favorite wax scents too. Please show us your guy stocking stuffers! I am having such a hard time filling Adam's this year.

    1. It's mostly just candy and treats type stuff. I used to get packs of Yugi cards and put them in their stockings but they haven't played in years so that phased out. I'll wait till I have everything, and then try to remember to show it all in a post.