Thursday, November 5, 2015

Melted - Better Homes & Gardens / Harvest Berry Pumpkin

Harvest Berry Pumpkin - [no scent description]

This is verrrry similar to Pumpkin Berry Twist from Scentsationals.  Both are a toned down Fruit Loops type scent.  I think this one had a little more berry than the other.  That cereal grain type note is definitely in this.  I'd left the house for a while and when I first came back in I could detect a healthy cranberry note, once I was back in and about the house it was back to that toned down Fruit Loops scent.  I didn't really detect any distinct pumpkin, and this doesn't strike me as a fall scent in any way, but it is a nice enough scent.

I melted two cubes in my tea light warmer and had strong scent and throw.

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