Monday, November 9, 2015

Melted - Dessa's Homespun Scents / Cranberries & Cornbread

Cranberries & Cornbread - 'We have blended our traditional tart cranberries with our old fashioned cornbread and baked them together in a cast iron skillet. Delicious. A Homespun Original House Blend.'

On cold sniff I got a healthy dose of the cornbread bakery note, but once warmed the cranberry is the stronger note.  In fact, I barely noticed the cornbread scent anymore once this was melted.  The cranberry is that deep, rich, softly spiced or 'warm' type cranberry as in previous Dessa's cranberry scents.  The hint of cornbread, when it does make the occasional shy appearance, just adds more of a warmth and coziness to the scent.  This would be excellent right around Thanksgiving, making you think of the busy kitchen and all the wonderful smells.

Unfortunately it just wasn't strong enough.  I melted this 1.5 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had light scent even while working at my desk, close to the warmer.  Every once in a while I'd get a stronger whiff of it farther out into the room but it was not consistent.


  1. Funny how different wax came smell once warmed. Sometimes it's a good thing! Sometimes not :-/ Sorry this one was too light. Pooh.

    1. It is crazy how different they can be sometimes, from cold to warm. And even sometimes what they start out smelling like when warmed can change the longer it goes. Cray-zee-ness!

      This would have been so nice if it were stronger.