Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nov. 18 - We're #1!

It was a gray and rainy day today, and very windy.  The sun would try to peek out every once in a while.  A little after 4pm I happened to glance out the kitchen window and was wowed by the colors of the dark, cloudy sky in the background and the sun from the other direction creating almost flaming gold and orange colors on the trees and things.  I ran to grab my phone to get a pic and it wasn't until I got back to the window and raised the camera that I noticed the rainbow.  You can't really see it in this pic but there was a very faint second rainbow out there too.  I ran out onto our little porch by the laundry room to get a better picture.

The football season has become great fun lately.  Our dear Vikings are in FIRST PLACE in their division.  Yes, first place . . . over the Packers.  Let me just take a moment to laugh hysterically at that.


And it's so dang funny because, wow, Packer fans can dish it out but they sure can't handle it when it's dished back to them.  They kinda get twitchy and whiny when they're not in that #1 spot.  And for the Vikings, of all teams, to be ahead of them?  Ohhhhh, it's so sweet.  It might not last but we can certainly enjoy it for the moment.  I had so much fun at work this past Sunday, following the Packer game with a Packer fan coworker who likes to give me shit but is a good sport about it.  And then we followed the Vikings game on our phones and kept the jabs flying back and forth.  I haven't had fun like that for some time now!  This Sunday hubby and I are supposed to go to a little local bar with Packer fan friends of his, to watch the Packer-Viking game.  We are going to walk in there proudly sporting our purple gear and ready for whatever happens.  LOL

Casey helped me haul my boxes and totes of Christmas decorations out of the attic today.  No, I haven't decorated yet.  We just put them in Ty's old room for now, so they're handy for after Thanksgiving when I do start decorating.  I purged a lot of old and unused Christmas things last year.  I don't know if I really bought anything new last year.  I can't even remember for sure what I still have, so it'll be interesting to see how things go this year.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I talked to one of my brothers for a bit yesterday and he said he and his wife would host a family get together either Thursday or Friday next week.  He said it wouldn't be a full Thanksgiving meal, but everyone could bring something and just hang out for a while.  He thought maybe they'd do it Friday so everyone could do their own Thanksgiving thing on Thursday.  We will have hubby's parents over on Thursday.  We've invited my mom over too.  Not sure if she'll come, or just wait and see everyone on Friday.  I think it's easier for her to get in and out of my brother's house.  We'll see.  

I still have to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving!  I'll need to get everything on Saturday, and hope I find a turkey big enough.  Casey and I could each get a free turkey from work but they are always too small for what we like, and I always end up buying a big one anyway.  I usually have most of the food bought earlier than this but my mind is so scattered lately that I just kept putting it off, thinking I had more time.

I still feel like I'm floundering through life at the moment.  No hobbies, no goals, just passing the days.  I'm trying to stop watching haul videos so I don't keep thinking about buying millions of things.  Old habits die hard though, and when I have nothing else to occupy myself, I find myself sitting here looking up haul videos again.  I did sort of sidetrack it to journal videos today.  Apparently there is a whole journal community on YouTube, and they have 'flip thru' videos like planner fans have 'plan with me' videos, and so on.  Watching some of those 'flip thru' videos was interesting though.  Seeing how people use stickers and washi tapes, and add photos or clippings or things, made me want to keep going on mine.  I'd decided yesterday that I was done with it because it was a pointless waste.  But seeing these people talk about how they're so glad they've kept journals even when things seem boring, it kinda makes me want to keep going.  So I have my stickers and tapes and notebook pulled out again, sitting here next to me on the desk.  I just haven't decided if I like doing that more, or posting here more.  Doing both seems redundant.

Ah well, we'll just see where this all goes.
For now, I'm off to read before bed.  At least THAT hasn't changed.


  1. That first pic is so beautiful Deb. And congrats on your team being #1 right now! That is a glorious feeling indeed!!! I think about you and hope you find your hobby. Mine is reading and embroidery at the moment. But it changes from time to time. Sleep is good too though :-)

    1. I think watching haul videos IS my hobby. *sigh* Napping would be a nice hobby! My thoughts are starting to shift back to my book so maybe MAYBE I'll be able to get going on that again soon. It's actually a companion novel that's really starting to grab my brain at the moment.