Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nov. 3 - Whatevs.

Ah yes, fall continues here in the boonies of Wisconsin.  The farmer who rents part of our land was picking corn the other day.  They're still finishing up farther out, like past the treeline you see in this pic, but when they're all done I'll take and updated 'view from my window' pic.

Last week we were very fall-leading-into-winter feeling.  Temps had dropped to daytime highs in the low-mid 40s, and even chance of rain/snow mix one night.  Oh, it was glorious!  Now we've fallen back into summer, with sunny days and temps in the low-mid 70s.  It's nice and all, but really kinda kills the holiday buzz in a rude way.  I mean, I walked into Walmart this morning so see they're getting the Christmas stuff set up right in the main front sections, but it just seemed weird when it's so warm and sunny and we're walking around in short sleeves again.  I don't know how you warm weather folks do it!

I didn't spend too much time looking at holiday things today because I was with my mom.  She gets tired easy so we usually try to stay on track and just get the things she has on her list.  I'll do my regular shopping Saturday and will spend some leisure time browsing everything then.  I did a quick zip through the Halloween clearance section today but didn't get anything.  Even though it's all 50% off, I kept reminding myself I have plenty of things already that I don't even get out for decorating anymore.  Still, I'll look through it all better on Saturday and see if there are any stickers or something left.

Packed away all the Halloween decorations today and got the Thanksgiving ones out.  After I had almost everything placed, I walked around and looked at each room, and it all just felt too busy.  I ended up putting probably half of the things back into the tote and have gone quite minimal on decorations this year.  I'm not sure if it's the warm weather, or that my body is just aching from three killer days of work, or what.  I do know my tastes have change to a much more simple look in everything the past couple years.  But because I was tired and achy from work I think I might have also been like "Bleah, I don't wanna deal with this!"  It's okay though.  I'm liking the little bit I do have out, especially those couple of glittery pumpkins I'd gotten earlier this fall.

I got a Lush catalog in the mail today.  That was a funny surprise, since I'd recently been talking about a pumpkin scented bubble bar I'd seen in a video that's actually not pumpkin scented at all.  It was fun to look through the book and drool over all the goodies.  I rarely take baths because our tub is small and not good for leisurely soaking with fun goodies, BUT . . . I've been considering trying to do it once in a while anyway, like with bath salts if nothing else, to see if it really does relieve some stress and aches.  So yeah, getting that Lush catalog today was quite timely and humorous.

I melted some wax today despite the concern that it might be bothering Minion.  I kept it more low-key, only using one tea light warmer, on the high shelf of my desk, like I used to in the old days.  The one I melted today was a lighter scent.  I paid attention to Minion's behavior and jotted down some notes.  He did not seem bothered at all, and in fact slept through most of the melt time anyway.  He still acted all naughty in evening, *well after* I'd melted the wax and it had cooled and there was no linger scent.  By acting naughty I mean being a pest on the desk, pawing at things like I'd mentioned in a comment reply on that Minion post.  I will melt a bit of something again tomorrow and pay attention to his behavior again.  

And now I am off to bed to hopefully finish the book I am currently reading.  If I do, I'll try to post about it tomorrow.

How have you all been?
Have you slipped seamlessly from Halloween to Christmas mode like most of the world?  Or do you resist the rush and still give Thanksgiving its proper acknowledgements?



  1. Thanksgiving gets its proper acknowledgement here. Sorry the temps have been high... 70's is nice around here lol! Much better than the 80's and 90's we have. I love the pic above. Cool to see the fields getting harvested. I got my Lush catalogue today too and pulled out a few Christmas hints to give to hubby. Even the huge $330 box in the back. He got a good laugh out of that! HA! But it never hurts to ask right? Glad Minion seems ok.

    1. I had to go back to the catalog and look up that $330 box. Ooh, lots of goodies in there!

      All fields on all sides of our place have now been harvested. Trees are all pretty much bare. We are already into 'bleak and ready for winter' mode. I love it, but I admit I'm not looking forward to the endless cold that's coming. I'm getting old. *sigh*