Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov. 30 - Blogmas / Blogidays & Tiny Haul

If you follow anyone on YouTube you've probably heard of Vlogmas or Vlogidays.  It's where they post something every day in December, whether it's just a daily vlog, haul, DIY, or whatever.  I've been iffy on blogging for a while now but I'm finding I miss it, and I'm thinking of trying a blog version of Vlogmas.  Blogmas!  Blogidays!  I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I'm itching to blog again and I do love Christmas, so we'll see.  This technically won't start until tomorrow (Dec. 1) and any Melted posts don't count, but I felt like doing a Natters post for today too.

I had big plans of going to the local mall today and just browsing, one end to the other, picking up whatever Christmas gifts caught my fancy.  I very rarely go to the mall anymore.  I can't even remember the last time I've been there for more than dropping off a package at the UPS store.  Well, for whatever reason, I talked myself out of going and ended up just going to Target and Dollar Tree with Casey instead.

Target's Dollar Spot has a lot of pet items right now.  Fattycat has been acting like he's cold all the time so I've been wondering if he'd tolerate a pet sweater or something like that.  When I saw this fleece coat I thought it might be perfect.  I think it's meant for dogs but who cares?  If it fits and keeps him warm, so what?  
It's so cute for winter!  It's fleece on both sides, navy blue on the outside, gray on the inside.  There is a velcro strap across the chest and another around the belly.  This was only $3.00.
He walked a little stiff legged when he had it on, but really didn't seem too overly bothered otherwise.  I think he might have welcomed the warm, swaddled feeling.
Of course we had to try it on Minion just because he was laughing at Fatty wearing it.  It fits Minion perfectly, and he didn't seem too bothered wearing it either, but he doesn't have the old man problems like Fatty does, so this will still be Fatty's.

I realized while writing in my journal last night that one of my packs of Christmas stickers was missing.  I looked all over for it and could not find it.  Casey quoted something about "You know it's truly missing when a Mom can't find it."  LOL!  I don't know where he got that from but I'd never heard it, and I love it.  And yes, those stickers must truly be gone.  Luckily I found another pack at the Dollar Spot.  *phew*  I'll use these across the tops of my journal pages for Christmas.

The only other thing I got that I can show is this gold 'washi' tape.  I paid full price, and I almost always avoid anything but dollar washis.  I have a growing fondness for gold and cream/white Christmas things this year and had hoped to find more gold/white things in the Dollar Spot but nope.  This might just get set aside for next year though.  Hopefully I'll accumulate some clearance gold/white things.

I came across this big display of Burt's Bees wax tarts at Target.  Burt's Bees getting into candles and wax was big news in the wax community earlier this year.  My Walmart got a few candles in, but only ever got one scent in the tarts.  They must not have been big sellers though, because they went on clearance after a few months and I haven't seen them at Walmart since.  So yeah, I was surprised to see all these at Target.  I didn't sniff any, and most of them don't appeal to me anyway, especially at that price.  But if anyone is looking for them, try Target.

Right next to those was the Chesapeake Bay wax.  I wasn't looking to buy any wax today so I didn't sniff, and I'm not really familiar with this brand, but they did have a lot of fall and some winter scents.  And these cute little shaped tarts!  Oh my gosh, I almost bought some just for their cuteness!  There were owls too, but I couldn't get them all in the pic.  Are any of you familiar with this brand?

We then went to Dollar Tree, where I had many gold and white decorations in my basket at first, but then I talked myself out of those too.  My inner cheapskate kept warning me, 'What if you don't feel like gold and white next year?' So I wimped out and put them all back.  I didn't even look at stickers or washi tapes, and we walked out of there with only a phone case for Casey and some candy for stocking stuffers.

When we got home I grabbed the mail and was floored by this envelope.  That's hand lettered.  That's freakin' awesome.  There is a Christmas card inside but I might just tape the envelope to the wall too because I love that lettering.  I'm a dork sometimes, I know.

And now I'm just kinda chillin' for the day, watching some haul videos and getting some Melted posts ready to go.  How are you?  Getting started on all your Christmas stuff?  Are you going to try Blogmas with me?


  1. DEB! Blogmas!!!! I love it! Just now going through and reading everything I have missed. Your kitties are so cute in their outfits. Glad you liked your card <3

    1. This Blogmas thing is kinda fun. I'm finally able to use the cute holiday 'clipart' things I've *ahem* borrowed over the years. lol