Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nov. 4 - Naps & Natters

Well look what the rain and recent warm weather has done to my mums plant that I thought was dead.  I was about to toss the whole thing in the garbage yesterday when I noticed all the new growth on the bottom.  As I started trimming away some of the taller dead stuff I noticed this new bloom!  There are several other little buds about to bloom too.  How cool is that?!  Anyone know if mums can be kept alive inside over the winter?

I went to the DMV this morning.  It was time to renew my driver's license.  I hate going there because it's not someplace I go very often and I always feel like a dork trying to figure how things work there.  Do we pick a number now?  Do we stand in line now?  How do things work since last time I was here?  Just finding the place is a pain in the butt, and sure enough, I drove right past it today.  But oh well, the task was eventually completed and I don't need to do that again for many more years.

I headed straight over to Target after that.  If you saw my Target haul post earlier today you'll know why.  New Christmas stuff in the Dollar Spot!  YAY!  I had a ton of stuff in my basket at first but the sensible side of me talked me out of most of the things.  Even so, I really didn't need to get what I did end up getting.  But whatever, it was so fun to see all the new things!!

Got home from town and puttered around online for a bit, then decided to take a quick nap.  I used to resist naps like an over-tired toddler.  I used to hate the groggy feeling I'd have after waking up from a nap, so I'd just avoid taking them.  Then I figured out shorter naps don't leave such a groggy feeling.  I've heard that a mere 20 minutes is really all it takes to refresh and re-energize.  I think there is really something to that.  I must have really needed sleep though because when my alarm went off after a half hour I rolled over and decided another half hour wouldn't hurt.  I ended up sleeping about three hours!  The only reason I got up then was because hubby was just getting home and I had no clue what we'd do for supper.  He decided to go pick up some KFC and yes, I've had that groggy feeling all evening now.  The nap was darn nice though!

Finally finished that book I'd meant to finish last night.  I just got my review post of that up.  I bought another haunting type book while at Target today, and I'm looking forward to diving into that before bed tonight.

I melted more wax today, and paid attention to Minion again.  He hasn't acted any different.  I know I did not do a proper study in whether it's the wax affecting him, but I'm starting to swing my thoughts back to it being the food or the litter.  It hasn't really been enough time with the food and litter change to know for sure, but I *think* he might have a little bit of fuzz coming back to his worst bald spots.  Time will tell on this.

Alrighty, tomorrow is a work day so I'm off for tonight.


  1. Mmmmm naps! Naps are delicious. I say go ahead and bring your mum inside and see if it will last. It sure looks like it wants to thrive more!

    1. I think today is going to be another nap day. Ugh. Slept like crap last night......weird dreams, never really relaxing, waking up all tense. UGH.

      I read a bit about putting mums in a cool place (like a basement) for the winter, but not about keeping them green and blooming. I guess I'll let this new growth run its course then do the cool dark spot for winter thing.