Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blogmas - Day 10

I have to post this quick because the Vikings play tonight and I have to get everything done before the game.  After how horrible that last game was, things can only get better tonight, right?  Right?!

It was a crazy day today.  I sat in janitor class at work from 7-11am.  It was quite a humorous class for a while when one supervisor was eating a Bavarian creme donut and some of the creme dropped on his inner, upper thigh.  It's rather hysterical how the minds of adults can turn into teenagers and we were all laughing until we were in tears and trying to catch our breath.  That was during a break when most of the class was out of the room, and as they returned the looks on their faces made it even funnier.  And later when the guy teaching the class said "I work faster with this hand than that one," well, those of us there for the earlier joke just looked at each other and it started all over again.  Ohhhhh my, kids.

After class I had to put gas in my car and while that was pumping I noticed across the street there is now a Little Free Library!!  My tiny little hometown now has a Little Free Library.  I think that's so cool.

From there I had to zip into town to pick up something for our little Christmas potluck tomorrow in class.  I found mini cupcakes with festive frosting colors and decorations.  Then I hopped over to an auto parts store to pick up a headlight for my car, since a coworker was kind enough to tell me this morning that one of mine was out.  After that I swung by the bank and asked about the missing check predicament.  She said it's $25 to stop payment.  She suggested something that hubby and I had already been thinking, to just consider that check void and write a new one.  If all the other checks before and after have already come back, this one is obviously lost and will probably never show up.  So that's what we're going to do.

When I got home, Casey and I tried to change the headlight but couldn't figure it out.  It was also really windy.  We gave up and I found a few videos on YouTube showing how to do it.  We went back out a little later and tried again.  I managed to get the old one out and the new partially in, then just got so mad and frustrated because there's no room to work and see what you're doing, and because it was so freakin' windy and getting cold.  We gave up again until hubby got home.  I showed him the video quick, then we headed back out again.  By then it was dark and even more windy and now starting to rain.  There was enough room in the over-cluttered garage to get the front end of my car in, so once I moved it over there we at least had more light and some shelter from the wind.  It took a while, and hubby had to move the battery, but we finally got it.  *phew*

Rushed back into the house to get supper made, then hurried to get dishes done and kitchen cleaned up, and now getting this post done before the game.

Got one more card in the mail today.  Yay!  My sister also received the box of goodies I'd sent her and posted some pics.  There is something about seeing things you sent, in the hands of the person you sent them to.  Don't you agree?

Alrighty, that's it for Day 10.
Hope you all had some merry moments today!


  1. Little Free Library!! I love those! I'm going to pick up a book or two before I fly out so I have something to keep me occupied on the planes.
    I'm almost done with your card. I'm just working on a few extra things that I want to send, buahahhaa!

    1. Woot! Can't wait to see what you created. We got a handmade card today. I might post it in tonight's Blogmas post.

      I was thinking of putting some of the books I just haven't liked into that Little Free Library. That sounds kinda crappy but maybe someone else WILL like them.


  2. I hope your potluck is/was fun! Cupcakes always hit the spot. Glad your sister liked what you sent her! SOMEONE has a birthday coming up here soon! >_<

    1. WHO?! *looks around frantically*

      The potluck was fun. My supervisor turned on music he had on his laptop. I was forced to eat some Mexican food that I don't know what it was and don't want to be told now after the fact. We laughed and talked and then called it a day.