Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blogmas - Day 17

First day of my Off Till Next Year vacation and I woke up feeling questionable again.  I was supposed to be meeting up with my coworker/friend to go out for breakfast and go shopping but I had doubts early on.  It did start to ease up after I was up and showered and moving around.  I slept a thousand times better last night, which helped.  But then after I ate something the queasiness was back.  I'd been noticing that all along, that it seems to be once I eat that my stomach just wants to rebel.  So I sent my friend a text asking if we could skip breakfast.  She offered to just wait until tomorrow and hope I'd feel better then.  I explained that no, it was only after I eat that I feel ill, so if I ate something early enough before we met to leave, the feeling would have come and gone by then.  So that's what we did.

Our plan had been to go to the outlet mall in Oshkosh.  Since we skipped breakfast and were on the road earlier, she said "I figured we could go to Hobby Lobby since the mall isn't open yet."  In my head I was screaming 'Noooooooo!  Don't take me there!  I'll want to buy everything, with grand ideas of being crafty!'  But she wanted to look at ornaments now that everything is 40 and 50% off, and I so rarely get there anyway.  To Hobby Lobby we went.

I like to add to our ornament collection and this was cute and sparkly.  I think it was $1.99 after the 50% off.

I love nativity sets and have several.  I'd been telling my friend about my gold/white phase and we came across this little nativity.  She said, "That'll go with your gold and white," and I was sold.  It's maybe six inches tall, and I paid $7-something.

We wandered the whole store, looking at everything.  Of course, going through the scrapbooking and paper craft aisles was killing me.  I wanted everything.  I wanted to throw myself back into this craft that I never get started with anyway.  My friend is one who is often quite blunt, and she was sort of prodding me to just get a few things and give it a chance.  She was telling me how she loves doing ANY kind of craft and is always trying different things.  Some hold her interest, some don't, but she still gives them all a try.  She convinced me to just go ahead and make a few cards and if I liked it, buy a few more things and make a few more.  She pointed out that now was the time to get things since it was all 40-50% off.  I tried to resist but in the end she did convince me to go ahead and get some things.

Turns out everything was not 40-50% off after all, and several of the things I got were NOT in that sale.  Oops!  Oh well.

This is the pack of stickers that really made me decide to try again.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  They're sort of vintage looking, and there is a wee bit of sparkle on them.  The gemstones helped seal the deal.  I should be able to make some sort of simple cards for next year, right?
These are the other stickers I got, all with card making in mind . . . 

I also bought this, and not because of its gold and white packaging . . . 
I enjoy Russell Stover chocolates and really like it when I come across these random flavors.  Hubby and I pretty much hated this one though.  He could barely finish one small bite.  I did take a couple bites but no, it was not something either of us was into.  Too me, it was just like raw cookie dough.  Oh well, live and learn.

After spending a good chunk of time in Hobby Lobby we headed over to the outlet mall.  She's been there way more than I have so she decided we'd go to Vanity Fair instead of one of the brand specific stores like Nike or Puma.  I did find something super awesome there but Casey is going to be giving that to me for my birthday (or Christmas?) so I'll wait until then to show you what it was.  I'm excited though!

We tried to decide where to go next and since I'd already spent a chunk of money I decided to avoid the Yankee outlet.  As we went by the Bath & Body Works outlet I said I should avoid that too.  She tried to convince me with "It's buy three, get three right now," but I resisted.  I'm holding off because I suspect another coworker and possibly hubby got me some BBW stuff.

She decided we should go to this huge antique shop that she loves.  So it was off across town, and through roundabouts to do that.  (Do you have roundabouts where you live?)  We spent a couple hours in that place!  Holy moly, there was so much stuff to look at!  I kept getting sticker shock though because my mind would think it was flea market cheap stuff, not higher priced vintage stuff.  I didn't get anything there, although there were several things that would have been neat to have.  I saw several things that I remember from my own childhood.  There is a small cannon type thing, supposedly from an early 1800s German castle, and I was oohing and aahing over that.  A mere $2000.  That's all.  I'd want some expert to look at first before I'd pay something like that for it.

By the time we got out of there we were both getting tired and sore, and hungry.  I didn't want to go eat though, in case the queasy came back, so we headed home.

There were no cards in the mail today but my Haus of Gloi order did arrive.  I've already posted the quicky haul.  UPS showed up later with two packages that I knew were for me from my sister, but I had no way of knowing which was birthday and which was Christmas.  Hubby peeked inside one to read the message on the invoice and managed to figure out which was which.  They're both set aside now, until their appropriate days.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and much of this evening frantically trying to get caught up on haul posts, prepping Melted posts, and watching YouTube videos.  Casey goes back to work tonight after these nearly two weeks of no production.  Minion is starting to get into things after his long evening nap.  And I'm ready to head up to bed and do some reading.  Yes, reading!  Finally, I picked up a book last night and actually read a handful of pages!

Did Day 17 bring any festive fun to you and yours?
Did you receive any cards today?!  It's becoming a game to me now.


  1. Not Yankee or BBW?! You are one good girl. Hobby Lobby though. Love that sweet nativity piece. And those vintage Santa stickers are too cute! I am the same way about vintage fleas. I always feel like they should be a deal but are crazy expensive. :-/

    1. Hubby laughed at me too about the Yankee and BBW thing. He's like "But that's the whole reason you always want to go there?!" I know. Leave me alone. =P