Friday, December 18, 2015

Blogmas - Day 18

Today was the day my car was supposed to get fixed.  I woke up feeling pretty darn good this morning.  I'd slept pretty decent last night, and was in a great mood as I started my day.  That kinda fizzled a bit after some miscommunication with the garage that was fixing my car, but it evened out after that.

Ya see, I got new tires recently.  Like a month ago, or two months ago?  Time's flying these days so I can't remember when it was.  Anyway, since then I've noticed my brakes squeak and screech sometimes, and I've started to think they make grinding noise if I'm coming to a complete stop.  After class the other day I'd stopped and made an appointment for today to have them checked and fixed.  When Casey got home from work (yes, he's back to work when I'm off, hehe) he followed me into town so we could drop my car off.  The guy called within an hour and said my brakes were fine.  I asked about all the noise.  He said after getting new tires sometimes dust or dirt or rust gets knocked loose and into the brakes.  He said they could try lubing them.  I said yeah, do that.

Then I asked about the windshield washer fluid tank that I'd wanted replaced, that I'd told him about when I originally made the appointment, that he'd written down right next to 'brakes' by my appointment time.  He said they hadn't looked at it.


He talked about the brakes a bit more, said it would take about 45 minutes, and he'd get me an estimate for the washer tank.

Um, okay, dude.

Two hours later he called back and said my car was ready and he'd have a tank quote for me when I got there.  So I woke Casey up to drive me back to town.  The dude then explained about the tank, that it's more complicated than just popping a new tank in, and it's a dealer part, yadda yadda.  I told him I'd have to get back to him on it because he said he might need the car for two days, one to get the fender off and see just what's wrong, and then time to order and get the part.  I've been without windshield washer fluid for most of the time I've had this car so I'm not too worried about not having it now.  I'd just thought since it was in for brakes I'd finally get that fixed too.  I guess not.  Oh well.

Then we came back home and Casey went back to bed because he has to work tonight.

I got two more cards in the mail today.  I also FINALLY got this!  I'd been looking online for some Vikings stickers and just could not find any.  All I was seeing was car decals and window cling type things.  I eventually went to Etsy, where I figured if I couldn't find any at least maybe someone could make them.  I found one shop that offered these, so I ordered one sheet.  It took nearly three weeks to get here.  I'm a little disappointed in that TAT but the stickers are nice.
And the girl included this . . . 
A free sheet of different planner stickers.  How cute!
I've also decided I want to start collecting fox things.  See those kissing foxes in the upper left corner?

I keep forgetting to post these next two pictures!
A couple weeks ago when I took my mom shopping, I noticed this life sized Santa display on top of the freezers.  Kinda cool when you first see it.  But then I noticed something.
Why on earth would they put these creepy hoods on the reindeer?!  It makes the whole thing look scary and evil now.  *shudder*

That's about it for today.  I puttered around on the internet and got laundry started, did a bit of reading, and played with the cats for a while.  Now I'm waiting for hubby to get back with our usual Friday night fish dinners, and then I'll probably read a bit more while he watches something boring or weird on TV.

Do you think those deer look creepy?
Do you think three weeks for a sheet of stickers is a long time to wait?
Did you do anything festive on your Day 18?


  1. The deer is totally creepy. Three weeks does seem a bit long, maybe she was inundated with holiday orders? Yesterday was the last day of school so that was pretty festive! Yee Haw! I finally figured out a way to display my Christmas cards. That made me happy. Any fun plans this weekend?

    1. Yay for no school! How will you display your cards? Will it be in your holiday decor post? I kinda like the twine or garland with festive little clothespins to clip the cards on with . . . but I didn't get any. We still just tape them to the closet door in the living room.

      No big plans this weekend. We'll probably do my birthday stuff Sunday instead of Monday, since Ty will be here then. And we'll watch the Vikings game.


  2. Car shops. Yay. I have inherited a bad attitude towards any sort of car repair or maintenance shop from my dad. He had a very, very bad time with a Firestone that always, without fail, would somehow find a nail stuck in one (or two) of the tires of our cars. Even if it was a simple oil change we brought in the car for. Something about it didn't sit right with dad, and one day he took videos and pictures of every single angle of the wheels of the car he was about to bring in. Absolutely nothing. What does Firestone say? Here's a nail in a very obscure part of the wheel, hugging the rim of the wheel. How the hell would a nail get there?
    My dad is not a nice man if you do him or the ones he loves wrong. By the time he was done with them they had replaced all of his tires free of charge and we had a refund on all of our past business we had with them. After that he went back to doing as much car maintenance himself as is possible.
    Three weeks is a long time for one set of stickers, but at least they look nice. The extra set is really festive and cute, too!
    That reindeer is something else. My sick, twisted mind conjures of images of some sort of bondage thing going on between Santa and Rudolph.

    1. I'm leery of most car repair shops, especially the big name ones. Hubby's been taking his truck to this place that I took my car to, and has had really good service so he suggested I start going there too.

      Bondage! Yes! That's what I was thinking too but thought I'd be a creeper if I said that. Glad you're the creeper instead! lol