Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blogmas - Day 20

(No, I did not make these cookies.)

I was going to have this be my Christmas decor post but I was unhappy with it on so many levels.  Our days have been so cloudy and gray lately that I haven't been able to get any decent lighting.  The flash on my camera is so harsh, so I avoid using it at all costs.  This means, with our cloudy day, I kept getting the low light / shaky camera warning thingie and a lot of the pictures just look blah because of it.  Also, there are just so many pics!  Even without getting most of my decorations out this year, and with not even taking pics of some things, there were 41 pics to post.  And in the end, it's most of the same stuff in the same places that you've already seen in previous years, so I decided to scrap that post idea.

It's been lazy, boring kind of day.  I made Special K Bars and my birthday cake this morning.  I forgot to add the vanilla to the Special K Bars but the menfolk say they taste fine anyway.  I only allowed us each one small bar and have set the rest aside until Christmas Day.  The birthday cake was just cheap yellow cake mix and boring chocolate frosting.  I should have just splurged on donuts again this year.  lol

Ty came over to do his laundry and play some new video game character in Super Smash Bros. with Casey.  Hubby and I watched the Vikings win their game against the Bears.  Other than that, nothing much really happened.  I did read a bit more but not nearly as much as I'd hoped.  Reading at home always makes me sleepy, probably because I usually read right before bed.

No cards today since it's Sunday and there is no mail.  I kept looking at our tree during the football game and while I was trying to read, and was getting more and more disappointed in it.  I'm seeing all the gaps in ornament placement, and how screwed up the garland is, and wondering why all the ornaments keep turning to the left.  By turning left they are facing north.  Are they looking towards the North Pole???

So here we are, 7:30pm and I've been ready for bed for about an hour now, just out of boredom.

Ho ho ho hum.


  1. I had mom buy the girls Smash Brothers for their DS systems. I kind of want to play it. So I really need to look up these Special K bars. I hope you are enjoying your birthday cake today birthday girl!

    And yes. The ornaments are looking towards Santa. It's ok. They travel around the tree too at night when no one's looking.

    1. Special K Bars have other names too, so maybe you're already familiar with them by a different name. I had some that night when hubby and I went to watch the football game at the bar, but they were different enough that I secretly scoffed at them, "Mine are better!" Would you like the recipe?

      That's kinda creepy about the ornaments. Now I'll be thinking about that as I'm laying in bed at night. I mean, if you saw some of the ornaments we have. There is a ZOMBIE on our tree, for crimeny sakes!