Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blogmas - Day 23 / More Friend Mail

I received a festively fun friend mail from Liz yesterday.  I was surprised by how heavy the box was!  I'd known she was sending some Bath & Body Works soaps but wow, the heft of the box really had me intrigued.  I'd also been wondering if she'd included one of her handmade Christmas cards, which she'd mentioned working on.

She sure did!
It's so pretty, the sparkly wintery theme.  I'd been admiring the snowflake background she's been using in her recent soap and wax pics on her blog, and I smiled to see she used some for this card.  Well done, Liz!

FIVE Bath & Body Works hand soaps!  And look at those scents!  Warm Vanilla Sugar, Frosted Cranberry, Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candy Apple, and Black Cherry Merlot.  They're perfect.  It takes us a while to go through hand soap, so these will last us a good long time.

She included some of her own handcrafted soaps too!  Hubby and I were excited to check these out.  I'll venture back into using bar soaps just to try these.  I need to check back on her blog and see if these are goat milk soaps.

Look at this cute little paper box that she made.  I need to learn how to do this.
This lovely Cucumber Melon & Strawberry scent was making the whole package smell bright and fun.  Hubby REALLY likes that scent blend.  You might be onto something here, Liz!

And what's a friend mail between waxy bloggy friends without some wax in it?
These will be a nice start to restocking my stash after the holidays.

Thank you so much, Liz!
You sent way more than I was expecting, and it sure did brighten my day.

Well here we are on Day 23 and my Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found.  At least I'm not in my mopey funk about it anymore though.  Casey is wrapping presents in the other room.  Kurth did a bit of last minute shopping after work today.  We got one more card in the mail today.  But it all just seems out of place to me.

 I spent my day pretty much camped out on the couch, alternating between playing Skylanders and watching true crime shows on TV.  It was 54 degrees today!  Of course it was also very gray and dark and rainy.  Not much else to report today.  I'm hoping tomorrow will seem a little more Christmas-y, what with hubby only working a half day and Casey off and Ty maybe coming over to hang out.

Are you ready for Christmas???


  1. What a fantastic gift box from Liz! She is so sweet and generous. That snowman soap is incredibly cute. I hope today is full of jolly cheer for you Deb. Merry Christmas Eve.

    1. Yeah, that crazy Liz sure surprised me. I'll have to send her some nice "Can't find that here!" boxes once she gets settled over yonder.

      Christmas spirit has found me again! I'm so excited about that. Merry Christmas Eve!