Friday, December 25, 2015

Blogmas - Day 25 / Merry Christmas!

Well here we are at Christmas Day.  Blogmas was a success.  I did enjoy doing it but by the end it was getting a little blah because I just wasn't in that bubbly Christmas mood anymore.  If you stuck with me through the whole thing, I thank you.  I really appreciate it.

So, Christmas Day.  Casey was already up sometime in the middle of the night because he's a 3rd shifter, a night owl.  Hubby got up shortly before 5am, and kinda threw a kink in the normal Christmas morning routine of me being the first one up and putting the presents under the tree.  True, Casey was up but he was still in his room, probably glued to some shooter game on Xbox.  I ended up getting up earlier than my normal 5:30am, and filled stockings and put the presents out while hubby was in the shower.

Ty showed up quite early, before 6:30am.  He said Matt would  not be joining us because he'd been out drinking last night, but Ty had brought along gifts from him.  We had A Christmas Story on TV, our tradition, and had fun opening our presents.  We all did pretty good this year.  There is nothing that needs to be returned or exchanged!  I remember last year there were several things that need to be sent back, and that was a pain in the butt.

This is how a very drunk Matt wraps presents at 2am on Christmas morning.

Fattycat enjoyed his Christmas.  He always has to be in the thick of things, seeing what everyone got.

Minion just likes to play in all the paper.

After everything was opened, I put that breakfast bake thing into the oven, and then started picking up the mess in the living room.  Ty and Casey were already dueling in Super Smash Bros. because Casey had gotten a new Amiibo character.  Hubby was checking out all his new things.  We all had some of the breakfast once it was ready.  We all agreed it wasn't all that great, and not worth the trouble.  Next year we'll just go back to hubby whipping up some eggs and bacon and toast for us.

Later we ended up playing a Walking Dead board game that hubby had gotten.  It took some time to get it figured out, but we did manage to get one game in.  Ty headed home around 2pm.  Hubby had to go deliver one last present that had arrived late in the day yesterday.  And Casey had disappeared back upstairs into his room to play Xbox or Playstation or something.  I decided to sit my butt down and watch a movie for once.  Pan and the newest Paranormal Activity were both coming on, and I debated which one to pick.  I ended up getting Paranormal Activity.  Good lord, what a craptastic movie!  Each one of the Paranormal Activities gets a bit worse, so yeah, this one was pretty pointless and sucky.  I'm sure there will be another one.  And what a fine Christmas Day movie, huh?  LOL

So now it's evening and Casey has gone to bed.  Hubby's kicked back watching TV.  I'm just puttering around again until bedtime.  I didn't even make Christmas dinner today because we'd all been munching candy and sweets all morning.  That's a bummer.

The day was nice enough, but it STILL just did not seem like Christmas.  I had more of a feeling of 'Glad it's finally here and done' than 'Yay, it's finally here!'  It just felt empty.  I don't know if this is going to be my new norm or what.  Kind of depressing if it is, but I guess it could be much worse.

I would really like to start taking all the decorations down tomorrow.  I'll probably leave them up though because hubby and Casey still have festive feelings.  I'm just ready to pack it up and get back to normal and see what the new year brings.

And I'm looking forward to my regular shopping tomorrow because I might be able to find some fun clearance things!

How was your Christmas?!


  1. Hahahaha! Drunken Christmas wrapping... it reminds me of the Drunk series Jenna Marbles does occasionally on YouTube. I love her most recent Drunk Christmas Pinterests. Then again, I'm a juvenile pervert at heart and stuff like that always gets a giggle out of me.
    I haven't watched any of the Parnormal Activity movies. I think I shy away from it because Dad watched the first one in theaters and it really got to him. I view my Dad as this stoic unmovable force so to have him affected by something? There's no way I would want to watch it. Great pick for Christmas, though! LOL
    One thing that would have made my Christmas more festive is a turkey dinner. That to me is the epitome of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe that's why the past two Christmases have been off. We haven't been doing any sort of special meal for the holiday so there was no prepping to help build the hype up.
    Anyway, here's a very late Merry Christmas!! LOL

    1. The first Paranormal Activity IS intense. My sister refuses to watch it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from fear and tension while watching it. Even hubby said his heart was pounding. And it's all things you don't see! There are no visible monsters or anything like that. It's just your own brain freaking you out. The other movies in that 'series' don't even compare.