Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blogmas - Day 5

Thanksgiving seems like it was SO long ago.  It's weird!  Anyone else feeling that way this year?  I can't believe it was only last week, and that I'd been all stressed out leading up to it.  Seems like it came and went like a flash.

No point to that.  It was just something that I realized.

Did my regular grocery shopping this morning and tried to get some Christmas shopping done too.  I managed to get a few things but I frustrated myself, as I always do.  I go with a plan, and then I overthink things until my original plan seems ridiculous.  Like I went in thinking I'd get a coworker some Burt's Bees hand cream because I know she likes to use hand cream throughout the day at work.  So once I have it in hand I'm all like 'What if she doesn't like this scent?  What if she's tried Burt's Bees and didn't like it?  Maybe I should get something cheaper?  Maybe I shouldn't get hand cream because obvious she has some?' and so on.  UGH!  Have I always been this mental?  Or is this a  recent development?

So then I got home thinking I'd get everything put away, take some time and get caught up on email and blog comments and YouTube videos, then start wrapping presents.  Well, it's after 6pm now and I haven't wrapped one dang present.  I did get caught up on Facebook conversations, and blog comments, and YouTube videos, but then I watched extra videos and puttered around and wasted my day.  Had a little snit with Ty again too.  He usually comes and does his laundry here on Saturdays because I've done all the other laundry on Sundays for years now.  He didn't come over today so I sent him a text.  He said he was working and would be over tomorrow to do his.  I made a comment that it would have been nice if he'd mentioned that because I would have done mine today instead.  He replied all snippy about how there was nothing stopping me from doing it today anyway.  Um, what?  Mouthy little boy.  You're heading for a bag of coal for Christmas.

Once I got home I remembered several things I'd forgotten to get.  This is normal for me lately too.  *sigh*  So tomorrow morning hubby and I might go back to town and do a bit more shopping.  Maybe.  We'll see how ambitious we feel in the morning.  And we have to be back before noon to watch the Vikings game.  We're still in first place!  Wheeee!

I'm doing laundry now this evening, and about to go do dishes.  We had a very lovely supper of hot dogs and mac-n-cheese tonight.  Sometimes ya just gotta be simple.  MAYBE I'll wrap a present or two after I get the kitchen cleaned up.  Or maybe I'll head to bed early and read one of the now THREE books I have waiting to be read.  Whatever happens, at least I got another day of Blogmas posted!

Day 5 brought a huge sale on candles at Bath & Body Works.  Did you grab any at that low low price?


  1. I didn't even realize Thanksgiving was just last week until I reread your post. Holy cow this has just been a crazy week then!

    I need to find some books to read. The last series I read left a sour taste in my mouth and now I'm unwilling to try anything new. I'll stick to my tried and true, thank you very much! :P
    Now that Michael's not here to cook us extravagant meals we should be going back to our tried and true simple recipes again.

    1. I was plowing my way through all the Percy Jackson books, then started working on the Kane Chronicles, which is also by Rick Riordan, and that's where the slump started. The Kane Chronicles is about the Egyptian gods but it's the same dang format as all the other gods books. Then the newest book/series came out, the Magnus Chase one, and I was super excited because it's about the Norse gods! But I quickly got bored because it's more of the same old same old. *sigh*

      I took a break and read two good paranormal books. I started a third but that one kinda sucks.

      And now I have a loaner book that I should probably read first and get back to its owner.

      What did you read that sucked?


  2. Ooooo dat boy is cruising for a bruising! I need to wrap gifts too. And bake cookies. And finish shopping....

    I did grab some BBW candles! A few are gifts but some for me too.

    1. Ty was over today and says he was not mad. I'll explain more in tonight's post.