Monday, December 7, 2015

Blogmas - Day 7 / Small Haul

Woke up super crabby and feeling horrible.  I don't know if it's a cold, or just some sinus crap, but wow it was kicking my butt earlier today.  Plus, I had to go to my mom's today, which can drive me nuts even on a good day.  Ugh, I loaded up on nasal spray and ibuprofen and headed out.

We went to Ripon today, instead of Fond du Lac.  That means Dollar General instead of Dollar Tree, and Kmart instead of Walmart.  Mom wanted to get her hair cut, which is next door to Kmart, so it all worked out.  We puttered around the store and I found this . . . 
I couldn't believe it!  One section of the store is all Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers stuff.  There are a few Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys in there too, and I even saw some Arizona Cardinals stuff in there today.  But you just never ever find Vikings stuff in there.  This was the ONLY one, and I grabbed it immediately.  It's a popcorn tin, of course.  I debated putting it away until Christmas but then decided it was too funny and had to show hubby.  So it's already sitting under the tree.  After Christmas, after we eat the popcorn, I'll probably use this to store our Vikings ornaments.

I had to pick up a few cards at Dollar General and noticed coupons hanging there, a free bear if you spent $2.00 or more on greeting cards.  I really don't need another stuffed animal but free after only $2.00?  And I was already getting cards anyway?  Sure!  He is kinda cute, isn't he?  No clue what to do with him.  He's sitting under the tree right now, hanging out with the popcorn.

Also grabbed this at Dollar General.  It's one of those mini flower pot arrangements, like the Easter one I'd gotten from Dollar Tree earlier this year.  I thought it was so cute, and it is the white and gold that I'm fond of this year.  Of course, once I got it home, I can't find a nice place for it.  I will eventually.

And I found this washi that I absolutely love for Christmas.  I wish I'd had this one when I was writing out Christmas cards.  I do have a nearly identical one from Dollar Tree but that one is on a red background.  I much prefer this white background.  There were some other Christmas designs but they were all so similar to the Dollar Tree ones that I already have.

I looked for the foaming hand soaps in holiday scents that I've seen a couple people haul, but did not see any at that particular store.

My crappy bleah feeling eased up as the day went on and by the time I got back home this afternoon I was feeling pretty good.  I got several more presents wrapped, then had to put all that aside to make supper.  Now it's evening and I'm feeling rather cruddy again.  Maybe it's an early bedtime tonight.  Or at least lay down and watch TV this evening.

Who am I kidding?  I'll probably be sitting right here watching haul videos right up till bedtime.'

Did your Day 7 involve anything festive?


  1. That teddy bear is cute and washi tape is gorgeous! I refuse to check out any sort of crafty section in stores for fear of buying them out. I can't take all of these with me when I go, so I don't want to tease myself!
    Besides melting CFTKR Christmas Wish that I bought waaay back in March I don't think anything I did today was overly festive. I did manage to get myself to feel the holiday cheer, though!

    1. I've been trying to stay away from the craft stuff too. It's getting easier to watch craft hauls and not feel that "I can do that too!" feeling. I think washi tapes are still my weakness though.


  2. Nice Vikings popcorn tin score! Get well soon Deb.

    1. The cooties seem to have passed. Probably stress cooties again. *sigh* I'm feeling much better today. =)