Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blogmas - Day 8

I was wrapping presents this morning when I realized I only needed one, maybe two more things, and I would be done with my Christmas shopping.  Whaaaat?!  This perked me up.  I did some quick inventory, some quick figuring, and decided to race into town to get those last couple things.  I need more bows and tags anyway.  So I hurried to get the box for my sister ready to send, grabbed my things, and flew out the door.  I got to the post office right as the window service was closing for the day, but because I'd already paid and printed the shipping label I just kinda had to hurl the box at the mail-lady and be on my way.  *phew*

I went to Dollar Tree first, thinking bows are bows and no one really cares about them when they're tearing packages open anyway.  Wow, was I wrong.  The sad looking bows at Dollar Tree were not even worth the dollar I would have had to pay.  They weren't a very good deal either.  A bag of eight big, loose, falling apart pale colored Christmas bows for a dollar.  I went back by the regular wrapping paper stuff and found much nicer, shiny but slightly smaller ones in packs of six, for a dollar.  I grabbed a couple packs of those and one package of glittery sticky tags.

At Target I found bags of very  nice looking bows, in fun festive colors and designs . . . 25 bows for $3.00.  I also found a plastic container of smaller, shiny bows for $4.00, but I don't remember how many are in there.  I felt quite alright with paying for something nice for once.  I also got the last couple gifts I needed, saved 5% on everything with my Redcard, and hurried back home to get these last things wrapped.

Except for two things that I'm still waiting for in the mail, I am done!  Done with shopping, done with wrapping, and done with Christmas cards!  Wheeee!  Now hopefully I can relax and maybe get some actually make some Christmas treats this year.

I'm also battling a cold now.  I suspected it the last day or two but now it's for sure.  I'm wanting to get this done so I can just go collapse into bed and sleep a deep and carefree sleep.  Well, until the stuffy nose and misery wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow I have to sit in class all day at work.

How are you coming along on your shopping, wrapping, and cards?
Do you even send out cards?  Because I still haven't gotten one from you.  Or you.  Or even YOU.


  1. I'll be getting your card sent out soon, I promise. I'm making mine by hand and I keep second guessing myself on what it should look like and what I should say. Typical me stuff!
    I'm still battling some sort of congestion in my lungs. It's annoying. This year has got to be one of my worst years in terms of illnesses. I'm ready to be done with the sickness!

    1. I've seen some insanely gorgeous handmade cards in videos of some YouTubers I follow and it makes me sad that I don't ever stick with trying to be crafty. I bet yours will be fabulous. I'll let you know when I get mine. *wink wink*

      Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Lol! You tell 'em Deb! Send those cards! Congrats on having Christmas wrapped up. I hope you DO get some treat making in. I had fun baking cookies with the girls earlier this week. How are you feeling? I hope you post tonight. Love your blogmas.

    1. Whatever the cooties were last night, they're gone already today. I'm not complaining! Weird though, because I thought for sure I'd have several days of misery ahead.

      I did post tonight. =)